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‘SHAKEELA’ is the real Pan India cinema, says the stylish director Indrajith Lankesh addressing the well attended gathering at the Lalith Ashok Hotel on Sunday night.

Intelligent, shrewd and workaholic Indrajith Lankesh in the presence of noted actress Shakeela stated that the biopic on her life ‘Shakeela’ is full of well measured contents and it is in no way connected to ‘Dirty Pictures’ made a few years ago.

Quoting the reason for real Pan India cinema is biopic ‘Shakeela’ Indrajith Lankesh says actress Shakeela is firstly Indian actress, secondly artists from Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada industry are part of this film adds extra value to the Pan India cinema ‘Shakeela’ that is releasing in five languages on 25th of December 2020.

Remembering the chat he had with Shakeela at the time of ‘Love You Aliya’ shooting, the book on her life sketch that I read made me want to make a biopic. It is rags to riches to rags tale of this noted actress of the country. After approval from Shakeela producers got a green signal and artists and technicians from all over the country came on board. Richa Chadda in the title role, Pankaj Tripati, Esthar Naronha, Rajeev Pillar, Suchindra Prasad, Sheeva Rana, Kajol Chaugh, Samarajith Lankesh, Vivek Madan, Sundeep Malani as actor and associate producer…well known technicians like Veer Samarth and Meet Brothers, Santosh Rai Pathaje as cameraman contributed working hard on this project.

There was excellent support from Sammy Nanwani and Saravana Prasad as producers and the film was presented for the first time by Prakash Palani.

Now the record this Pan India film in Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam language is making is that on Christmas day the film is releasing in over 2000 screens for the first time.

It is a big day for me. South Indian sensation of over 200 films Shakeela addressed on this occasion. My family members have not joined her unhappiness. Indrajith Lankesh making this film consulted me and did the shooting. I am happy with his work as of now. The locations are too good, I should thank Sundeep Malani for giving me good support  mentioned Shakeela.

One of the producers Sammy Nanwani (of Samys DreamLand) stated that the world has every right to know what transformed in such a celebrity Shakeela. Highs and Lows are there in everyone one. In this biopic we have worked hard to give best he mentioned.

Another producer Saravana Prasad recalled Mona Lisa film days of Indrajith Lankesh and thanked HD Gangaraj, Basha, Palani Prakash at the trailer launch of Pan India film ‘Shakeela’.

I missed Love You Aliya with Indrajith Lankesh but this time I made it a point to catch this film without fail, recalled beautiful looking actress Esthar Naronha.

It has been my dream of working as music director for Hindi cinema that is happening from ‘Shakeela’. I have worked in Hindi film music for five years and then came to Kannada as music director mentioned Veer Samarth in his address. He has composed music for two songs, one is tuned by Meet Bros.

At a well attended trailer launch of Shakeela five language films noted producers Soorappa Babu, NS Rajakumar, N Kumar, former KFCC President HD Gangaraj and others were present.

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