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Whenever a biopic is made the one who is living doles out something new! It had happened in the past. Now Shakeela actress of over 200 films and ruled the Malayalam cinema industry in the 90’s speaks on her disturbed past at the well designed 'Shakeela' trailer release by biopic director Indrajith Lankesh.

Shakeela originally was present at the trailer launch while actress Richa Chadda was not present at Lalith Ashok Hotel last Sunday evening.

Take a look at what SHAKEELA originally has got to say in a chat with media persons.

 ·         I am the daughter of Goddess. I live alone today. I have a small house in Chennai. I get up when I feel like it. Make biryani and eat.

·         My elder sister taking away all my earnings discarded me and we have not talked for two years. My younger brother got so much help is not turning back today. My Biopic is made today but none of my relatives are present.

·         I am sitting with the media today and talking means – reason is cinema and nothing else.

·         I am appearing on the Star Tamil channel for a cookery show.

·         I am not depending on anyone. I am the Raja and Rani at home. I am fully independent. Looking at the trailer of my biopic I remember my boyfriend. He should have been with me today.

·         I started acting when I was at 10th standard. I did not ask favor from anyone, not cheated anyone. I faced a lot of cheatings in my life. Working so much and earning so much, I don’t have a bungalow.

·         I was part of ‘A’ grade films, I gave up that category of films. 40 of my films got censor problems. My producers were in difficulty. I felt it was the right time to exit from Malayalam films. Before anyone removes me, I think of that decision.

·         Once I came out from 23 films and declared that I will not act in Malayalam films. This decision was because of self respect.

·         No, I have not taken liquor and came before the camera. I smoke, I like it. If you booze and come to sets, a lot of problems crop up.

·         10 years ago a book was written about my life. Indrajith Lankesh taking permission has made this film.

·         I spent a lot of time on screen with Shakeela Richa Chadda. I told her how I used to act in bold situations.

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