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He Should seek an Apology Sumalatha Ambareesh
Posted date: 13 Sun, Dec 2020 07:36:46 PM

When one needs some quick and cheap publicity, all they have to do is loosen their tongues and speak something bad or controversial about a famous personality. Seeking such instant publicity seems to the the trend these days.

The whole of Karnataka and South Indian film fans know Vishnuvardhan's stature. The immense popularity he had and still commands 10 years after his demise is unparalleled. Just because a person who nobody had heard of till now says a few ugly words, it won't make any dent in Vishnuvardhan's image. It just exposes the cheap mentality of this cowardly person who speaks ill about a person who is not around to retaliate or reply. They say that even if a thousand dogs bark the heavens won't be sullied. People like these should be ignored and not given importance at all.

We know the personality, nature, stature and mettle of Vishnuvardhan. When you dare not talk when the person was alive but do it after all these years, it is easily understandable that it is for cheap publicity and nothing else. He has spoken utter rubbish and lies. He does not even carry the dignity to seek an apology and does not deserve to be merited with a pardon.

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