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Duration – 120 minutes, Category – Suspense thriller, Score – 3/5


Title – Munduvareda Adhyaya, Producer – Kanaja Enterprises, Direction – Balu Chandrasekhar, Cinematography – Dilip Chakravarthy, Music – Jani and Nithin, Cast – Aditya, Vinod, Ashika Somaskehkar, Chandana Gowda, Sandeep Kumar, Ajay Raj, Mykyamantri Chandru, Jai Jagadish and others.

The thriller films have good space in the filmdom. When it is not protracted then there is every scope for audience attraction. This ‘Munduvareda Adhyaya’ partially comes under the category of a good suspense thriller. Made in Kanaja Enterprises by director Balu Chandrasekhar for his story and screenplay has many scoring points for its variety.

The film is special because Deadly Soma Adhitya returns to acting after four years and that to as an investigative cop. This action thriller cinema has underworld, rowdy activities that has no end on silver screen also in real life. The attempt of the director is to bring in a change. Like how we behave, we get the same in life. Balu Chandrasekhar has mixed up action, comedy sentiment without missing entertainment.

This film is loaded with newcomers. Vinay Krishnaswamy is an MLA, Vinod is an ASI, Ashika Somashekhar is journalist, Chandana Gowda is a doctor, Sandeep Kumar is restaurant owner, Ajay Raj is a journalist friend.

On the last day of service of ASI – that too on Mahashivarathri Day an unexpected development takes place. The health camp expected to take place next day stalled. As the two go missing, investigation reveals that one is murdered – Aditya as Bala enters to finds the shady deals. A series of investigation leads to a climax point that is unexpected by the audience.

Director Balu Chandrasekhar has picked very good locations for this film in Ramanagara, Mandya, Malavalli, Mandya, Devarayana Durga, University campus, Tumakuru surroundings. The cinematography is adequate and three songs from Jaani and Nithin is quite OK.

Stunts by national award winning Vinod is captivating and editing should have been super fast from Srikanth.

Adhitya attracts with his outlook and proves that he is here to do roles that are more interesting; Jai Jagadish and Mukyamantri Chandru render good support. The new artists for this film have shown promises to grow further.

A tolerable thriller from Kanaja Enterprises.

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