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Son of former Karnataka Minister and Mine Merchant Gali Janardhan Reddy son ‘Kireeti’ steps in to acquire the throne of success in a grand style. The trailer for his entry prepared by director Radhakrishna (Mayabazaar 2016 director of PRK banner) is very absorbing – as Dr Shivarajakumar, SS Rajamouli and crazy star V Ravichandran had said he has loads of talent. His dance, action and screen presence is very attractive.
At The Taj West End on Friday morning – the hero to hit silver screen on one of the Fridays in the coming days Kireeti film Production No.15 went on the floors. The famous actor Genelia is returning to cinema after a decade presenting at the muhurut. Srileela is very beautiful and promising as the female lead. Crazy star Dr Ravichandra V is also in a prominent role in this untitled film.
Nation pride SS Rajamouli sounded the clap board and declared open the trailer of the young and vibrant debutante Kireeti. This Production 15 is the first Kannada and Telugu film of producer Sai Korapatti in Vaarahi Chitram.
Director with a lot of sensibilities Radhakrishna later speaking to a few media friends said the film addresses the most important issue of the youths. It will be a complete family entertainer. From age 6 to 60 would be immensely like he says with confidence. The shoot starts in April and we have many stages to cover. This script narrated to Power star Puneeth Rajakumar says Radhakrishna and feels very sorry for the legend not living with us today. It is all because of the PRK banner I am here today, he says. As far as the title of the film is concerned Radhakrishna is hoping for a right word that suits all languages.
Director of eminence SS Rajamouli says Kireeti is very promising in dance, stunts and acting. He is having a dynamic launch. He is in the good hands of director Radhakrishna and Raviji would guide him to the right path, he said.
Dr Shivarajakumar in a video message expressed the spark in Kireeti. He is good at dance and youthful – the packaging for him is good and he has strong hopes of becoming a Pan India actor. Honesty and discipline is to be followed stated Dr Shiv.
Kireeti means Arjuna, for Arjuna Sarathi was Krishna, for this Kireeti Sarathi is Radhakrishna, so the right direction of the new actor is seen. In the trailer he has proved with action, dance and emotion. The proper requirement is a good story and treatment to it, said crazy star Dr Ravichandra V in his address that got wide applause in the auditorium. Once in the airport Kireeti asked a number of questions about his debut movie – I told him ‘Muchkondu Act Madu’ let us see the results later on – this was a frank statement of Dr Ravichandra V.
Popular actor Genelia returning after 10 years says she is a newcomer today with new actor Kireeti. Srileela explained her family bondage with the Kireeti family and I was waiting for Kireeti launch.
Good looking actor Kireerti remembered Appu and his advice given in one of the Ballari functions. I am blessed to get such a fine atmosphere for launch. I immensely thank my parents for this launch today. In the last 10 years, I have been encouraged to launch. Treat me as your son and bless me, stated Kireeti. Devi Prasad is music composer – please give songs like what you have given for ‘Pushpa’ urged Kireeti and with Peter Heins we are planning a very big action he added.
Senthil Kumar is cinematographer and production designer is Ravindra.
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