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Celebrating International Women`s Day, BIFFes organized a panel discussion on ``Women in Cinema``. The panelists comprised Ms. Roshnini Dinakar, (a multi-faceted Indian costume designer, director and producer), Ms. Preethi Mohan (film editor), Ms. Geetha Gurupa (sound engineer and mixer), Ms. Preetha Jayaram (cinematographer), Aimee Baruah (Assamese director), Rituparna Sengupta (Bengali actress) and Suman Nagarkar (actress and producer).

Refusing the stereotypical beliefs on gender, Aimee Baruah expressed her point of view on women being categorized as ``women filmmakers or women actors`` rather than just filmmakers and actors. Adding to which, Preetha said that till date, she is called as ``cameraman madam``.

``Women are beautiful creation of nature but are the biggest enemies of their own progress. They must be empathetic and stand for each other,``said Baruah, to which Geetha Gurupa shared her observation on growth of women in the industry and their increased involvement in different departments of cinema, in last fifteen years.

Further, discussing their journey as women in industry, Suman Nagarkar said ``As an actor one can portray many characters and I am glad to be in this industry where dreams come true.``While Preeti Mohan recalled how her peers hated her for having different ideologies at the time when there were only a few professions to choose from.

The discussion was moderated by Samanvitha Sharma, who concluded saying, ``It is important for all women to love their profession that gives them hope and solidarity.``


The first segment comprised of Sri. Unni Mukundan, Actor and Director; Sri. Biswajeet Bora, Director; Sri. Noorul Sultan, Producer; Smt. Aimee Baruah, Actress and Director. The discussion was moderated by Sri. Suneel Puranik, Chairman of Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy.

Sri. Unni Mukundan said that the story of Meppadiyan is of a common man who cannot say no. He was delighted to share with us that this movie is no ordinary movie full of action and drama, but a relatable story full of struggles and hardships good people face all around the world. The Actor also said he could emotionally connect with the character (Jaikrishnan) he played.

Sri. Biswajeeth Bora and Sri. Noorul Sultan appreciated BIFFES for nominating God on the balcony in the Asian competition category. When asked what the motivational factor was behind the making of this movie, Mr. Bora replied it was inspired by a real-life story that took place in his hometown. He confessed that it disturbed him for quite some time and so he wanted to make a movie out of it.

Smt. Aimee Baruah, Director and lead Actress of Semkhor, said before she made this movie she was someone who lived a luxurious life, went to the parlor twice a month. But while making this movie she had to sacrifice those luxuries and dive into the character. She disclosed to the panel that before the making of this movie she was not aware of Semkhor or the language Dimasa. She read about it in an article and loved their organic lifestyle. When she asked one of the residents of Semkhor if they didn`t want to venture into the digital life with easier access to everything. The resident asked her ``are you happy in life with all these modern equipments?`` this particular question made her ponder about whether or not she`s happy and that inspired her to make the movie Semkhor, to show the people how beautiful their lives are.

In the end the Academic Director, Sri. Suneel Puranik congratulated all the panelists and expressed his gratitude for their contributions to the industry.

 The second segment comprised of Sri.K P Srikanth,Producer; Sri.Suresh Shetty,Director; Sri.Kishor Moodbidri,Director;Sri.Prithvi Konanur,Director; Sri.Nandalike Nityananda Prabhu,Director; Sri.David,Director; Sri.Suresh Shetty,Director; Sri.Aakash Gubbi,Director.The discussion was moderated by Sri.Sunil Puranik,Chairman of Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy.

Sri.K P Srikanth said credit of SALAGA goes to Sri.Duniya Vijay for his hardwork and dedication for his acting. Though the OTT platforms offered screening  they still choose Theatres during the Covid.They expressed their gratitude to the responses received by the audience.

While all the others spoke about the journey of making the movie.The only moto of all the directors was to give a social message.The cast of both the movies Cake and Munnudi were children.Movie Munnudi made with Science background and more importance was given with technology.All were glad that their movies were selected at BIFFes and got great responses.

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