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INSTANT KARMA WELL DONE -Score -3.5/5 ****
Posted date: 01 Fri, Apr 2022 09:10:58 AM
K. S .Vasu
Duration – 110 minutes, Category – Thriller, Score -3.5/5

Title – Instant Karma, Producer – Santosh, Direction – Sandeep Mahantesh, Music – Sooraj, Cinematography – Bhasker Hegde, Cast – Yash Shetty, Anjan Dev, Hari, Prajwal Shetty, Dhananjay, Bala Rajawadi, Puneeth, Sandeep Malani and others.

You pay a penalty for your mistakes in this birth and only good will carry for your next birth. This is quite often heard in social circles. Instant Karma is a revelation to society , especially youths.  When poverty-stricken youth find no means to meet the minimum needs inevitably use their brains for ignoble thoughts.

However, this talented director takes a dig and cautions the society. You pay a penalty for your mistakes is the undercurrent of this film. Sandeep is brief and clear in what he wants to say. No short cut even if your destiny is bad he focuses on five youths.

It is a travel of Rs.4 crores of a politician in a car tire. It is hidden in the back wheel. The five youths – Handi, Naayi, Kothi, Kuri, Kona get this information and all of them have their own troubles in life to meet. When the car travels, the youths in a car follow but to their surprise, another car follows for this grab of money. In the clash, one of the five youths is hit by a bullet and severely injured.

Somehow the remaining remove the wheel and take it to their custody. When the four youths check they find the money missing initially. The needle of suspicion goes on all the four youths and the flash back opens up.

Whether the youths find the money, what they do after that, how the politician works his strategy….you get the answer in the theaters.

The five in the gang have emoted well and there is sibling and mother sentiment. The background score is appropriate and the cinematography of Bhasker Hegde is on top gear.

It is a well thought out film from Sandeep Mahentesh team. You have to watch this film for a few touching contents. 
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