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Duration – 112 minutes, Category – social drama with thrills, Score – 4/5

Title – BODY GOD, Producer – Prabhu Srinivas, Direction – Prabhu Srinivas, Cinematographer – Velu Murugan , Music – Karan Krupa, Cast – Manoj Kumar, Deepika Aradhya, Guruprasad, Prabhu Srinivas, Padmaja Rao, Ashwin Haasan, Niranjan, and others.

This is a wholesome family entertainer film from Prabhu Srinivas and not his earlier films. He has worked so strongly on the script, screenplay, dialogues, selection of right artists and technicians for the film `Body God`…Bombe Adsonu.

It is so unfortunate the song by Puneeth Rajakumar is so touching despite the lively dance from protagonist Manoj Kumar. The song line`s pertinence is so unfortunate considering the demise of Puneeth Rajakumar. This song could be a trump card for the pack of entertainment for director and producer. Only thing is that it should be placed in the middle of the film and not at the end.

Prabhu Srinivas is very shrewd in his thought process. A producer, director, writer and an actor in the role of Sync Seena using the dialogues of some of the villains of Kannada cinema gives a good account of himself on screen.

The main beauty is the combination of `dead` Guruprasad, it is a deadly performance and the one at the media meet Guruprasad on a wheel chair with goggles makes you hold your stomach. The mimicry angle picked by the director for Manoj Kumar`s character is fabulous.

The protagonist Vasu (Manoj) is a nurse. He believes someone and loses Rs.3 lakhs taken from a moneylender Sync Seena. He had left his job also at that time. Inevitability forces Vasu to take care of an ailing Puttanna (Guruprasad). Daily Rs.3000 payment to look after Puttanna on a wheelchair helps to meet him slowly but just before one month of clearance of loan, Puttanna is dead. Vasu with his doctor fiancé Omna works out a strategy to keep `Body` intact with an embalming procedure.

The situation arising after Puttanna died is the crux of ‘Body God’ – it is hilarious, touching, teases, tames and tickles your funny bones.

How Vasu takes care of Puttanna, how he manages to get a salary from Puttanna`s son who is in America and what happens when police enter the scene etc you have to watch it on silver screen. How the good human nature of Puttanna is a savior, you will know at the end.

Manoj in the role of Vasu has done a fine job. He has expressed good emotions at the right time. One duet and the last song Dankana Dankanakka…sung by Power star Puneeth Rajakumar, Manoj looks perfectly fit.

Guruprasad should get an award for his deadly performance. Why did the director opt for someone to dub for Guruprasad as Puttanna role? Guruprasad is so fine in his dialogue delivery and he has the stamp in the mind of the audience through his dialogues. Deepika Aradhya as a Mallu girl in the film looks beautiful.

The fight in the park with Guruprasad on a wheel chair with a chain snatcher is wonderfully thought out. The song line Bhumine High Court...Situation judgment aptly suits the film. 

Go watch this film without fail for various hilarious moments and how a human being becomes a villain at the hands of inevitability.
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