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KGF 2- MAMMOTH AND MAGNIFICENT -Score – 4.75/5 *****
Posted date: 14 Thu, Apr 2022 03:18:37 PM


Duration – 168 minutes.06 seconds, Category – Gold Lord story, Score – 4.75/5

Title – KGF 2, Producer – Hombale Films Vijay Kiragandur, Direction – Prashanth Neel, Music – Ravi Basroor, Cinematography – Bhuvan Gowda, Cast – Yash, Srinidhi Shetty, Archana Jois, Ramesh Rao, Achyuth Kumar, Sanjay Dut, Raveena Tandon, Ayyappa P Sharma, Tarak Ponnappa, Ashok, Dinesh Mangaluru, Prakash Rai, Malavika Avinash, TS Nagabharana, Govinde Gowda, Mohan Juneja, John  Kokkin and others.

The big wait has finally given the biggest film ‘KGF 2’ writing many things to the history pages. Prashanth Neel as director showed his dexterity and took the film to the international level and KGF 3 is of course the clue he gives is set in Indonesia and America locations and obviously, it will be the flashback narration.

The glorious takings, solid attention given by everyone working for this film, the most lavish spending on the making by Vijay Kiragandur Hombale Films has crossed the standard of Indian cinema and it is on par with Hollywood cinema.

KGF 2 taking three years to make has left a very strong foothold and for others to follow but it is hectic. The magnum opus Indian cinema KGF 2 undoubtedly caters to the subcontinent and spreads his wings to other continents in the coming up sequel. In the KGF 2 there are a dozen stunning moments, the artisan Prashanth Neel has struck like ‘Rock of Gibraltar’ with Rocking star Yash.

The technical excellence of cinematography by Bhuvan Gowda, music and sound from Ravi Basrur, dialogue department, editing team, art direction Shivakumar team has not left any stone unturned. The feast also comes from the stunt direction department. The best usage has to be the best making that is KGF 2.

Finally, the gold from sector 3/9 is the cynosure of all eyes in this film. Rocky (Yash) rules the empire but the sudden uphold of Adheera (Sanjay Dut) shocks him but he is not a loser. Rocky is fond of making enemies, he does not like violence but violence likes him. Injured Rocky from the hands of Adheera shifts his base to Dubai where he meets Inayat Khaleel who is in the wrong impression. Rocky had gone to Dubai to buy Khalsinkova weapons of high standards.

Bounce back in several folds Rocky enters his territory but before that, he declares that world is his territory. He is not satisfied with the excavation and once again, Adheera bounces back with greater strength to face injuries and insults.

Now the CBI team approaches the Prime Minister Ramike Sen (Raveena Tandon) and it is a major move to destabilize the power of Rocky in KGF. The three prime forces of Indian Security forces are deployed for a permanent end to Rocky. Rocky on a huge ship carrying countless of gold faces the stiffest defeat. At this point of time, the spread of wings in Indonesia and USA brings pressure on the Indian Prime Minister. Next you have to watch it on the silver screen.

Yash has put in the efforts that are a combination of ten films. He is such a mammoth and magnificent in his looks, action, sentiments and delivery of dialogues. He deserves international awards for his role Rocky and the power he has expressed is immaculate.

Srinidi Shetty continuing in the second part is such a fine actor and she had given a performance from her eyes. There are very few romantic moments for her and she is the main force behind Rocky in the second half of the film.

The gigantic looks of Adheera Sanjay Dut are fabulous and he roars, screams, and does action like a beast. Raveena Tandon as Ramika Sen has given a power packed performance. She looks fit for the role despite fiction adding up in the cinema.

Prakash Rai and Malavika narrating the KGF 2 portions with TS Nagabharana and Govinde Gowda are extremely good in their performances. Ayyappa Sharma is stunning in his portions. The small portion of actors like Mohan Juneja on ‘Gravitational Force’ carries weight and uplift the stupendous power of the protagonist Rocky Bhai.

Hundreds of co actors have toiled for hundreds of days to give justification to the quality and class in making. The color pattern applied for the film, the longshots, and helicopter moments further increases the standards of this film.

This is a film that one has to watch only in ‘THEATERS’ unfailingly. The spectacular quality of the film is not available in any other format of watching films. 

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