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Duration – 158 minutes, Category – Love Story, Score – 3.5/5

Title – PRARAMBHA, Producer – Jagadish Kalyadi, Direction – Manu Kalyadi, Music – Prajwal Pai, Cinematography – Suresh Babu, Cast – Manuranjan Ravichandra, Keerthi Kalkeri, Hanumanthe Gowda, Kaddipudi Chandru, Sooraj and others.

`Prarambha`the fourth Kannada film of crazy star Dr Ravichandra V son Manuranjan Ravichandra is good in parts and the second half of the film is good as the protagonist also looks good and handsome besides taking up a good cause in his life.

Prarambha has the tale of a `Bhagna Premi` and the protagonist fall prey to liquor after his status is questioned by his lover father. In this first half director should have been very careful – cut down the liquor and cigarette portions. Otherwise, he has a sensible ride. The highpoint of the film is that love itself is not life; there is life after that and before that.

Prarthana (Keerthi Kalkeri) falls in love with Manthan (Manuranjan Ravichandra) because of his paintings, love for music and straight forward approach. As the two decide to marry, the villain in their love journey is Prarthana`s father, a lawyer by profession played by Hanumanthe Gowda.

As a lawyer and doting father, Prarthana`s father takes this as a case study and indulges in knowing more about Manthan. He is not satisfied and arranges for a marriage to his daughter that is obviously in shambles. Manthan falls prey to liquor and cigarettes to forget Prarthana but his friend puts him to the rehabilitation center.

After three months stay in rehabilitation center Manthan shapes up as a new reformed youngster. He knows what is important in life. He is on a road trip to meet his friends. What happens in the climax? Whether he gets Prarthana in life is what you have to watch on the silver screen.

Manuranjan has all the requisites to take up a love story cum action film. He looks too good with short hair and a mild beard. Of course, he has miles to go in his career. Keerthi Kalkeri is quite OK. Hanumanthe Gowda and Manuranjan`s friend characters have given impressive performances.

The film has some haunting tunes from music composer Prajwal Pai. Ninna Omme Nodabeku…a montage song at the pre climax is extremely good.

Suresh Babu, a senior technician, has given a lovely feel to the eyes from his work. The film needed sharp editing and instead of 158 minutes, it could have been brought to 130 minutes.

To know the new beginning of life you can watch`Prarambha`. 

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