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“Devaru Kodalilla from ‘Devaru Kotta Thangi’ but he has snatched four sites I have made and one house I have constructed” – The loss is over Rs.2 crores from this ‘DKT’ starring Shivarajakumar, Meera Jasmine, Monica in the music direction of Hamsalekha says director Om Saiprakash. Om Saiprakash is also producer of this film DKT.

I do not blame anyone but only myself. I have been given good support by my family members. That is the courage for me. That is keeping me today said the emotional Saiprakash.

At one point of time Saiprakash the most successful director of comedy and tear jerker films in Kannada filmdom requested not to write on his losses. But he was convinced that such reports should appear because for honest and sincere film maker is at dismay – the people should know it and they should put you back in comfort – this is what the journalist friends of Saiprakash felt.

This report is not to injure the great technician Om Saiprakash. It is written with deep concern and affection towards the technician.

I am in sorrow is sure. I have to produce a cinema means I should get permission from my wife. I have not come to the streets. That much is the blessing. We are with you the family members supported me is my big earning in life says Saiprakash.

Looking at the reasons for failure he says the release was affected by ‘2012’ English film that spread nook and corner. I was expecting the safety of my investment in two weeks and that was also snatched. I had to release ‘DKT’ because postponement of Shivarajakumar other films and IDBI loan for which I was paying Rs.5 lakh per month was a big stress for me. The return of the loan was also my top priority and it should not cast a wrong shadow on the Kannada cinema industry I felt. Yet I paid 8 months interest of Rs.40 lakhs plus Saiprakash remembered and showed an important message he has stored in his mobile that was very shocking.

For living I have to take up direction continuously. I am taking time. I may pick up a remake. On the series of flops of his films and industry facing major drawback Saiprakash is a worried man. I should not say people are not watching films. We should make films that they like to see Saiprakash feels.

Out of half an hour discussion with Saiprakash there were two messages he showed it to only this journalist. One of the messages was received on 27th January 2009 was startling ‘You may do anything. I don’t mind. I want my loan to be cleared. Even if you die I don’t mind I want it to be cleared. No excuse’ was the message.

To bail out from his debts Saiprakash had even consulted actor Sudeep for a call sheet. The message what Sudeep sent was very pacifying one to Saiprakash ‘I am tied down for three months I cannot help you. I will definitely take up later’ was the message. With Sudeep the director cum producer Saiprakash has made ‘Maharaja’ Kannada film.

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