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‘If you are not a pet lover, you would become a pet lover after watching this film’ this is the pride of Karnataka Kannada film industry Rakshit Shetty saying at the pre release meet on Monday afternoon. He was speaking in the presence of his team members director Kiran Raj, Suhas on behalf of late GS Gupta, music director Nobin Paul, Charlie trainer Pramod, lead actress Sangeeta Sringeri, cinematographer Aravind Kashyap, Ullas production designer and cute Baby Sharvari on the dais.

The cute lyrical song of the film ‘777 Charlie’ Iru Nee Jotheyagi Badukina Taragathiyolage Sahapaati Naanagi…sung by the very sweet voice of Aarna Shetty screened for the first time before the media.

We have taken utmost care and this project is special in my career. As Dharma there has been a lot of interior changes after started being involved in the film, says Rakshit Shetty. This time right care is taken for piracy and in OTT it will be only after 48 days of screening theaters he says answering questions from the media.

The Sheraton Hotel did not allow ‘Charlie’ to come inside and it is their principle not to allow pets inside. The management of this Hotel would change their policy after watching the film. Already in 21 states, we have almost finished the premiere shows. The purpose of having premiered outside is because of the demand that I should come to their places to promote the film. I strongly believe contents matter for me in the success he adds. Looking at the response from the premieres held, Rakshit Shetty reconfirmed his thought that contents matter most for the film. I had seen the standing ovation for this film is a great feeling, he says.

Kumari Sharvari, a first standard (Hubballi JSS school) student, says she had enjoyed working for this film and it was her dream to act with a pet. Charlie is her neighbor in the film.

Sangeetha Sringeri is overwhelmed with the response the film got. She is Devika Aradhya, an animal welfare officer in the film.

This project started on a low scale but grew up huge, recalled cinematographer Aravind Kashyap.

The trainer of Charlie Pramod says the 20 minutes portion of the film, which is one year of shooting, shows the scale of work.

This is the best work of my career, says music composer Nobin Paul. Director Kiran Raj spoke less at the pre-release event and he is extremely happy and confident of the fine results for the film.

KRG Studio Karthik distributor of the film explained the screening facility made so far and 100 premieres on Thursday night is another feather in the cap of KRG studio. All over the country 777 Charlie is showing in 1500 screens, adds KRG Karthik. 

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