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Here is one Kannada film that is eagerly awaited than any other super star films. That is ‘Sugarless’ a major ailment in the people that could be managed with right precautions. With such an ailment diabetics the producer of ‘Daughter of Parvathamma’ Shashidhar is now director too from this ‘Sugarless’ Kannada film.

The Sugarless Kannada film impressive trailer and two songs – Sugar Sugar Sugarless...and Nam Taayane Love you Bangari...screened at Kalavidhara Bhavana in the presence of chief guests KFCC President Ba Ma Harish, Mata Guruprasad, actors Srinagara Kitty and Shishya Deepak.

Srinagara Kitty appreciated the zeal and enthusiasm of producer cum director Shashidhar and said let all become ‘Plus’ for him.

Shishya Deepak showing his back to the media wished good luck to Shashidhar and team. Showing back also needs ‘Guts’ he pointed out at this time when repeatedly television journalists come straight – that was most unwanted from him.

The veteran actor Dattanna wondered at the calibre of Prithvi Ambar and another actor Padil has remarkable screen presence. Don`t get panicked by sugar complaints. It is very essential. Life is not over with diabetic complaints. Even if you don`t have diabetes, how you have to live is showcased as a socially relevant topic in this film ‘Sugarless’ mentioned by Dattanna.

Prithvi Ambar the much sought after actor after ‘Diya’ super success said he got married when he heard the script of this film at the Lock Down time. I heard the script on the telephone. Acting later for this film I learnt a lot. The film has a lot of ‘sweetness’. All age groups can watch, he says.

Priyanka Thimmesh is love and wife later on in this film. In my real life I get a diabetic husband I can manage because I have learnt from this film she says.

There were lots of sweets on the sets and Sakkat Maja madi we acted in this film. I also know Hindi pointed Padmaja Rao to Shiv Aryan who acquired Hindi rights of this film.

Famous comedy actor Dharmanna says his chemistry with Prithvi Ambar is so good and knowing that he got two more offers in the film. When I was in my home town I heard the story over the phone about his other happiness.

Shiv Aryan of Black Panther announced that ‘Sugarless’ is remade in Hindi and Shashidhar KM will be directing it. On knowing the demand from actors he said he is giving free hand to directors to choose artists.

Debut director and producer of his third film Shashidhar KM explained the process of making of the film and how he is happy for very good cooperation from his wife that led to his comfort zone before release. He is up to another ailment in his next film subject. Never mind If I am called ‘Khayile director’ he says.

Baby Tanushka, Krishne Gowda co producer, Singham Raghu, Lavith cinematographer, distributor Malini and others were present.

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