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What is ‘Kapala’? The belief is that when the cremation takes place the head should crack and make a sound. If that does not happen the superstitious belief says something else would happen from the departed soul.

Producer Soumya K Shetty, a chef in the USA has made a horror thriller ‘Kapala’ with a lot of initiative, saving money for six years by banking on his colleague in Tent School of cinema study Vinay Yadunandan. Turning emotional Soumya Shetty says I am also stubborn like director Vinay. We all worked for the film in all departments to make a very interesting film. For the search of location we have travelled many places and finally picked one at Mangaluru. Soumya Shetty says one of the producers in the process of shooting died of cancer and that is a very sad part for all of us. We are having this film in four languages and complete with all work for the film she adds.

Director Vinay Yadunandan editor in the last four years thanks his team members for tolerating his torture for one year in the final shape up of the film ‘Kapala’. According to him, the producer and cinematographer are two eyes of the film. The film consists of three stories – 70 years old, 10 years past and the present situation. We have shot for 67 days in Bengaluru, Huliyurdurga and Mangaluru. Censor has given A certificate for this film.

Abhimanyu Prajwal is the protagonist in the film. After two years of negative results because of Corona finally we have arrived with good results. I have acted in Ondu Shikariya Kathe and in this I am a media cameraman. I struggle for justice and how I save the life is an interesting part, he adds.

Pratiksha, the female protagonist, says the team has worked without any restrictions. I play an anchor in real life and got the same role she says.

BM Giriraj, a reputed director in a prominent role, says in his observation that the team had no resources but they were hell bent on doing something. I don’t believe in ‘Devva’ and extend my own research to help in this film.

Veteran TV actor Ashok Hegde is a Mantrik in this film but he strives for good in his capacity. Gavi Siddaiah, an actor of 40 plus films explained his ‘beard’ story in his speech.

‘Kapala’ in SKAR productions has story, screenplay, and dialogue from director Vinay Yadunandan, Sachin Basrur has done music, Praveen M Prabhu handled cinematography, Shantha Kumar is editor, Abhilash BG is art director.

Aryan Chaudhary, Sushma Gowda, Yamuna Srinidhi, Nithin Basavaraju, Naga Bhushan, Dravid, Sandya Arakere, Prithvi Dravid, Vilas Rao, Anil Chimmayya, Aruns S, Kausik Sunil, Gopinath TR, Dinesh Kumar, S Manjunath, Sai Nag, Nandan Gowda, Chetab BS and others are in the cast.


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