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Posted date: 23/February/2010

Already setting records in the Indian cinema for shooting a commercial venture in 18 hours for the first time Anaji Films is now gearing up for a big release in 75 centers on this Friday 26th February all over Karnataka. Nearly 40 prints and UFO system of screening is planned by Anaji Nagaraj. This is the film made with 1000 people support that mainly include 10 directors and 10 cameramen.

Thanking profusely his team members Anaji Nagaraj says the censor has given no cuts and wondered how this is possible to shoot the entire film in 18 hours. Out of 66 scenes in nearly 46 scenes hat trick hero Shivarajakumar will be active and steal the show surely says Anaji Nagaraj.

Before the start of the film ‘Sugreeva’ we have worked for four months on the script taking inspiration from English film ‘John Queue’. After shooting in record number of hours for the film we have worked for four months on the production to give good production values to the cinema. I thought of releasing in 100 theatres but there is some good going of other Kannada films stated Anaji Nagaraj.

Unity is strength. After watching the first copy and then again at the premier arranged for director Prem, S Mahender, Ajay Rao, Ajith and others we got further confidence on the film and big hit is expected says dialogue writer Ramanarayan.

One of the ten directors Vijay who did seven scenes and one fight in just two hours is 100 percent sure of success of the film. Vijay is directing ‘Gubbi’ film for producer Anaji Nagaraj. Raghav Loki who directed two films in his career felt astonished at the result of the film. He says producer Anaji Nagaraj deserves all support and accolades.

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