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Prajwal As A Masked Vigilante Enters New Territory
Posted date: 19 Sat, Nov 2022 07:58:05 AM
Film: Abbara
Cast: Prajwal Devraj, Rajashri Ponnappa, Lekha Chandra, Nimika Ratnakar, P Ravishankar
Director: K Ramnarayan
Prajwal Devaraj`s latest outing in the theatres is his first attempt at playing a masked vigilante. It is a genre he has not played before but with his experience in action films, he manages to convincingly make it his own. He succeeds in his very first attempt.

The film starts with a notorious gangster Vairamudi attacked by a masked vigilante. Somehow it is connected to an incident from two decades ago. It is not suspense that our hero Prajwal Devaraj’s character is behind this attack. But why is he doing it? What is the revenge he wants to seek? Has he set a trap or is he a victim? This is something the film explores throughout.

True to its name, the film is loud and bombastic. It celebrates commercial cinema aspects to the core. There is deep cut action, punching dialogues and sentiments galore. Director K Ramanarayan takes every opportunity to provide the audience with a treat, be it with action sequences, dialogues, mannerism or visuals.

There is something special about Prajwal`s character too. The caped crusader is not the only get up he has in the film. In fact, there are four different shades to the character. He performs each one differently and as an actor peaks in this film. Abbara is one of the best performances of Prajwal in his career and director Ramnarayan deserves a pat on his back for bringing it to the fore.

The film is nearly two and a half hours long, but there is not a single dull moment in the film. Because it is an action film, the narrative is fast and furious. The editing is sharp and the cinematography crisp. With witty dialogues and entertaining sub-plots you are never short of entertainment. Ravishankar as the villain is as good as always. His screen presence and dialogue-delivery is something very few others can match. In Abbara, he makes his performance stand out.

Going with the extra that is provided in every aspect of the film there are also three female characters that play pivotal roles opposite Prajwal. Rajshri Ponnappa, Lekha Chandra and Nimika Ratnakar provide the glamour quotient in ample measure. They are a treat to watch. Last but not the least, Abbara has music by Ravi Basrur who gives it his best.

Abbara is a mass-masala action-oriented revenge drama that pays tribute to all such entertainers. Watch it for entertainment, action and Prajwal.
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