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The dream chaser is himself dreaming big now from ‘Naanu Nanna Kanasu’. Prakash Raj nearing to 200 films seeing battles, bombastic moments this brain drain artist from Kannada cinema is having all reasons to feel pride. Even the audiences who watch him on screen feel proud the media of course passes divided opinions.

It is not time to write about the history on Prakash Raj but a very consummate personality is releasing his debut film direction in Kannada Naadu. Literature, drama, social life, cinema all fall every now and then when a free wheeling chat is held. His brain moves faster than mercury his memory is very fabulous. had one such opportunity to spend four hours time on the finals day of IPL cricket at his hotel room No.411 on the fourth floor of Abhimani Hotel situated on Dr Rajakumar Road. A fan of Chennai Super Kings Prakash Raj was hoping for win against Mumbai Indians and that turned around 11.45 pm on that memorable Sunday for Mahendra Singh Dhoni and team. editor R Manohar took some of the exciting moments of Prakash Raj dancing, drinking and puffing cigarettes in front of the huge television screen when Chennai Super King toppled Mumbai Indians.


Like how he likes literature, theatre and cinema Prakash Raj loves Sachin, GR Vishwanath and his favorite is of course Mahendra Singh Dhoni. A day earlier Prakash Raj spending time at Cosmo Club with Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar was about to leave the club he found Gundappa Vishwanath. Already ‘Gundappa’s (drunk) Vishy and Raj took the table once again just to chit chat. That went on for more than hour. The late cuts in the late night, the square cuts, Rajan Bala taking seriously of GRV when Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi told him that Vishy will be a legend, the matches GRV is not able to see what the cricket fans loved around the world in radio commentary was touching for Prakash Raj. Prakash Raj recalled an incident of Vishy hitting century in London. Later he comes to Chennai match where Sachin Tendulkar scored 146 to put the India in the winning map incident. The cricket or any profession require full involvement. It is the practice and nothing else and the shots it happens like the success happening to cinema Prakash Raj brushed his memory.


My first film here in Kannada as director I want to be a noted director. I have made honest effort and honestly everyone contributed. I am not leaving any iota of opportunity to reach the doors and minds of public. I have roped in Vodafone for which I am the South Ambassador. They are coming with 100 plus posters at prominent places, making 50 lakh SMS messages on ‘NNK’. The HLL group is funding five different trailers in five different channels airing charges. Both these come to Rs.1 crore. After the release I am moving with my ‘Kanasu’ meeting people all over Karnataka. I am being interviewed by top notch who know me very well in five channels.

For the UFO and Cube system I am taking further initiative to transfer it to the hard disk from the negatives of the film. I know there are a few interesting films lined up. I have to come on 7th May at any cost. Delay of one or two weeks my Kanasu will be washed away in rain. The rainy season it is difficult to catch up with the people in the theatres says calculative Prakash Raj.


In life we cannot keep in store more than three years memory. In 44 years of my age I am able to store only that much. I don’t believe in writing. I was baffled with Murthy memory when he came to narrate my portions for ‘Prarthane’. He has made research for my portions and he was so fluent in his expressions. I was taken aback. I offered him a drink out of happiness. I did accept the film of journalist Sadashiva Shenoy because as a discerning journalist he has ability to look at things in different perspective. That should be encouraged and my portions touched me made me to enjoy my role clarified Prakash Raj for his flashy performance in ‘Prarthane’.


I am quite often targeted for my indiscipline in attending dates. When people come and say just agree to give dates what can I do. They have to wait. I cannot be in three places at a time. That is the reason I give them extra dates and tell them that I am going to cancel a few days on my own. In such cases I am made a scapegoat. I want to be for everyone.

I have accommodated so many on so many occasions. Why they do not tell that asks Prakash Raj.



I have already seen enough of money, appreciation, love and brickbats. I wanted to be a director I have become and earned enough for my children to sit and eat. In my second film ‘Daya’ I became a pauper. I had to pay Rs.2.5 crore loan. I inquired a government servant who worked for 40 years for one house and Rs.20 lakhs bank balance. I felt proud because someone believing me given me Rs.2.5 crore loan. I am worth so much in a short time.

When all areas of film making I have tested and tried now sometime I feel like constructing a house. I know this profession very well. I have admiration for my own house building opposite the beach in Chennai.

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