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Posted date: 30/April/2010

Master Chiranjeevi starring ‘Ekameva’ has all probability of entering the Guinness Book of records. The proper application has been made to this effect by producer cum director Pravinkumar. He was speaking on his unique film ‘Ekameva’ that has only one character that master Chiranjeevi doing the roles of 9 years, 25 years, 50 years and 80 years.

Four songs are in this film but audio has seven songs. Khailash Kher has sung two songs. LN Shastry, Master Ajay Bharadwaj, Kumari Hiranmayi have also lent the voices for the lyrics and music direction of Saleem Putthur. Salim Puthur has not learnt any form of music in his life.

Shooting for 15 days in Kadiernahalli, Machohalli spending Rs.7 lakhs on make up for the four get ups director Pravinkumar has put in a lot of effort even in the subject. How a boy neglected get education and come up is his subject matter in the film.

The long time assistant to Sundarnath Suvarana Nagaraj D has done independent camera work with Super 16 mm camera. He has made some technical work for increasing the height of young boy Master Chiranjeevi.

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