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Posted date: 15/June/2010

In many places on many occasions people asked me ‘Elli Nim Yajamanru Barlillava’. They were referring to screen ‘Yajamana’ Dr Rajakumar with whom I have acted 30 films as heroine.

‘Nodakke channagithu Nam Jodi, Balokke Channagi Aglillavalla Yembudhu Yochana’ – Dr Leelavathi on Dr Rajakumar again!

He is like a God, crores of people offer prayers to him. What can I say? He has taught me acting. Let his soul always rest in peace – Dr Leelavathi once again on Dr Rajakumar. He is Sreshta among all is what I can say – Dr Leelavathi once more on Dr Rajakumar.

In the two hours ‘Belli Hejje’ chat organized by Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy Dr Rajakumar came to the memory of Dr Leelavathi number of times. That was expected from her. That was the popularity of this pair on Kannada screen.
Leelavathi Avare Neeve Namma Nadige Asthi, why do you want site asked one of the public at the Badami House. Dr Leelavathy did not give up her demand for a site. This topic took more than 30 minutes of the chat evening. Eventually let the government give site for my son states Dr Leelavathi who owns acres of land in Nelamangala.

We give you some of the highlights of Dr Leelavathi at KCA as the guest of honor. Her son Vinod Raj who she admires among all was sitting next to her as Sathyamurthy Anandanur was doing the anchor job.

  • I was washing vessels for Rs.5 in my life. That was the very difficult days. She is 75 today and acted in 600 films in that 300 are Kannada films.
  • For Ranadheera Kanteerava film I was booked for Rs.1500 as remuneration. Still I have to get balance of Rs.500.
  • To bring up my son in the cradle days I staged number of plays. When the bell at theatre play was ringing my son Vinodhu used to get up from sleep and started crying.
  • They say I have enough money. Let them come and tell me who gave me the money. I struggled even for one rupee.
  • Hari Khoday keeping the documents of my land once arranged for Rs.15 lakhs fund.
  • Once I had no food to eat. It was on the Ugadi day. I thought of ending my life. I had even sent for tablets to die but that was not available in the market.
  • In Tamil Nadu one of the roads is in my name. But for this Leelavathi there is no proper recognition here in Karnataka. I have acted in five languages.
  • I have acted with top stars but once I found my ground here in Kannada I did not accept other languages.
  • It requires more than two days to tell my agonies and pains.
  • I don’t ask for Padmasri and Padmabushan awards. Only BDA site said Dr Leelavathi once again from her memory.
  • I was taught ABCD in acting by Ku Ra Si.
  • I have faced the most difficult stages in life only because of my son Vinod Raj.
  • I invest all my money for his films.
  • What the government gives for the Kannada cinema should be properly scrutinized. The given benefit should be rightly used.

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