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Posted date: 18/June/2010

One of the stalwarts of Kannada cinema in the acting department Shruthi with over 100 films many accolades and disappointments in real life (divorce of husband star director S Mahender, losing the prime post of chairman of Women Welfare Board etc) is back in action in a different role in her career.

A mother of child Gowri in real life actress Shruthi plays the role of a mother who sell her girl child for Rs.50 on silver screen in ‘Nam Kalyani’. This is the truth in people cases in real life. She has cut down her weight opened her old files for this film subject jotted down some points to help director Vasu Alur in making a very authentic film.

As a matter of fact Shruthi was given the role what is given now for Riya. After hearing the script without getting sleep on one particular night she heard the story next morning she telephoned director Vasu Alur and demanded the role that was not meant for her. That is the negative shade role a very crude one where she does not have any sentiments and freaking out role. Remember ‘Avva’ where Shruthi played a daring woman. Something similar you could say.

When Shruthi herself demanded the particular role Vasu Alur was jumping in joy because this role has gone to the right person. He is seeing Shruthi as a wonderful performer and not keeping any attributions in his mind.

Vasu Alur nan hatra iro Pathra ‘Kadhru’ disclosed Shruthi at one point of time addressing the media on Wednesday afternoon. The reason behind telling like is that Shruthi had prepared such similar thoughts. It was a great coincidence for her when Vasu Alur narrated the similar script that was in her kitty. This synchronization of thoughts between technician and artists gives extra edge she says.

For Vasu Alur this is more like a real life happening. The first incident he remembers dates back to eight years ago. A just born child was abandoned somewhere near 18th cross Malleswaram was surrounded by worms he spotted. From that day he started developing his story. Although it is a cinematic presentation there are lot of real life happenings says Vasu Alur.

Vasu Alur came to Kannada cinema industry as clap boy in 1989. He has worked in various capacities and his script writing for censor has crossed 200 films. The knowing of the mind of different directors is itself an experience he says. He has earlier directed ‘Marichike’ that was a bad experience economically for him.

Why a mother goes to the extent of selling her child and later realizes the motherhood has interesting twists and turns. SNB Murthy, Geetha Alur, Ramesh Kallur, Anjinappa are producers of this shoe string budget film. Raju Upendra is scoring music for three background songs.

The good looking Dattaraj a native of Bangalore looking soft and also a software engineer in his life is in his second film ‘Nam Kalyani’. The historical film ‘Rani Rathnamala’ Dattaraj has finished and he is now in the doctor role. We have to give to the society is what his role focus.

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