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Posted date: 29/June/2010

Absolutely B Suresh and his wife Shylaja Nag of Media House were flying to United States of America on Monday 28th June when Duet Movies producer cum actor Prakash Raj was explaining his cloud nine position at The Bell Hotel on the successful completion of 50 days of the most cherished film ‘Naanu Nanna Kanasu’.

It was a dream come true situation. The audience of Karnataka in a slow and steady usual style made this film ‘NNK’ reach 50 days. I get a message from Mantri Mall that NNK is houseful even after 7th week makes me feel proud. I am not running this film with deficit all these days.

‘NNK’ Kai Kachchilla, Bejaru Madilla, Hummassu Kadime Madilla and given respect and pride’ Prakash Raj put his happiness like this addressing the media. ‘Hotte Kichchu’ aguva Haage Madhyama has supported he said with wide smile.

It today’s situation of Kannada cinema it is rare to find 50 days that is achieved by ‘NNK’ you are co passengers in my success journey. The budget is safe. The television rights good revenue, middle class, multiplex system so far has not given bitter experience.

One particular incident happened at Hyderabad airport wherein an old man came and said I have understood my daughter given me feel of satisfaction. The film ‘NNK’ has reached. Of course in the week end the film is giving beautiful collection but surely it is not a weak cinema pointed the agile actor Prakash Raj.

I would work in B Suresh direction and have two more projects. I would do a cinema what I like. After my good friend B Suresh come back from USA everything will be finalized said Raj.

When the question of his unhappiness on a particular media report was raised Prakash Raj felt happy for the question. I have spoken to ‘Vijaya Next’ journalist and put my argument in a neat way. When you write wrong reports I have right to ask said Raj. That particular journalist given wrong information in his report! Now what he has got to say as the collections have given me break even situation asked Raj.

Acting in this film ‘Naanu Nanna Kanasu’ has increased my ‘Hummassu’ and given me new power informed Achyuth. ‘NNK’ reaching 100 is my dream now he pointed.

Rajesh who opened up the media meet expressed the satisfaction of working in this film. For the people and media he expressed his thanks. This is a proud cinema in my career he stated.

Congratulations to ‘NNK’ team from

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