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The ‘Sakshatkara’ heroine of Kannada cinema had really seen ‘Sakshatkara’ of life. This was evident from her speech at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan after receiving felicitation from Dr B Saroja Devi National Awards.

Shaking her head often the leading lady of yesteryears who has acted in five Kannada films out of 200 films in her career was frank and expressive in her speech. Jamuna said she does not remember the contents of ‘Sakshatkara’ but ‘Thaayi’ bashe is not easily forgettable opined ‘Hampi Sundari’ Jamuna. When I acted in Rathnagiri Rahasya and went to other languages I forgot to speak fluently but in my next Kannada film ‘Adarsha Sathi’ I decided to speak without fail in Kannada. The mother tongue is the one even if I forgot I got it back to speak again said Jamuna and asked ‘nanna Kannada yeega Parvagilva’. Ambarish on stage clapped and said Nim Kannada first class agidhe. You may continue.

Jamuna born in Hampi claimed that in those days she was called as ‘Hampi Sundari’, ‘Praja Nati’ and
‘Kala Bharathi’ but an award like Padmabhushan has not come to me said the former MP Jamuna speaking in Kannada throughout her half an hour address.

Jamuna remembered everyone her eyes met and lauded their caliber. First who struck her eyes was Sumalatha sitting in the front row. For this Pukka Guntur Hudugi I have placed the beauty crown long ago and said you would become a top artist. She has reached that position and wife of Ambarish who is a former MP like me today lamented Jamuna.

O halo Meena you are doing roles like what we have done and that culture is there is in you. What is your husband is doing asked Jamuna for that mean replied he is software professional. The reply from Jamuna was that it is ordinary profession. You did not give your marriage invitation to me Jamuma expressed her slight unhappiness.

Her observation continued when she saw Jayanthi. There was a competition when Jayanthi entered the field in our days. There was a talk that I and Jayanthi look similar. For the popularity of Jayanthi there was a talk my days are over. But nothing of that sort happened disclosed Jamuna. There was absolutely no professional jealousy among us in those days Jamuna added.

Jamuna has inclination to Karnataka and at the bottom of her heart she is thinking of coming back to Thai Nadu. I believe Meena has also come to Bangalore for that Meena nodded her head.

The reason why I want to come and stay in Karnataka is that the people here are not as aggressive as other state people. They are so sober and heartily good she compared Karnataka to other states.

Today films are ‘Devare Gathi’. They are just dancing, romancing and indulging in action. The days of SR Puttanna Kanagal films like Gejje Pooje and Belli Moda should come back was the opinion of Jamuna.


Throughout the speech two times Jamuna stressed that Dr B Saroja Devi should join politics. She does not have ‘Swartha’ she has seen every luxury in life. Such people would be a good leader too and avoid corruption stated Jamuna. She has Hana, Keerthi, Prathiste, proved as good artist she can be honest to people. Such people having power could do good work.

After I became MP when Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi invited me I have taken up service to Leather puppetry. In Kakinada I have worked for the 200 sites of leather puppetry artists. They have made a housing colony and named it as ‘Jamuna Nagar’.

I believe in ‘Praja Dhana’. What we have got from this society we have to give back. I have traveled all over Andhra Pradesh and traced 10000 members in the folk art and presented their status in life to the government.

The event today is ‘Madhura Smrithi’ for me said Jamuna. She presented leather puppetry art work to Karnataka chief minister BS Yediyurappa, Ambarish, Dr B Saroja Devi and Ramanujam, chairman of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.

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