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Posted date: 2/July/2010

Setting aside all the controversy related to the new combination of Dwarakish and Sudeep there is some really good happening in the industry.

Dwarakish is a veteran and Sudeep is a proved actor. Dwarakish is seeing the quality acting of Dr Vishnuvardhana in him is also a fact. With Sudeep I want to do more films says Dwarakish. The films like Annaimaiah, Ramadasu are in my mind says Dwarakish who appreciates the talent in Sudeep. He has taken up films like ‘Swathi Muthu’ played by Dr Kamal Hassan and proved it right. It shows his strength.

On Thursday morning Dwarakish looking tired with white silk panche and blue shirt with a Shalya on his shoulder said he is bit tired over the two days developments. I am seeing Dr Vishnuvardhana in Sudeep and definitely I would say not tarnish the image of Vishnu. I keep him still in highest esteem said Dwarakish holding the lemon that is given by a priest to him.

Dwarakish is also acting in this film Production No.47 and he is back as producer after five years. I want to give good quality films. I would not stop at it Dwarakish explained.

Sudeep plays the intelligent guy while Sonu Sood is the villain in this film. Priyamani will be similar to that of Ramya Krishna in Padiyappa. Bhavana is another heroine in this film. The first schedule is from August 5th for 15 days in Mysore where Sonu Sood portions will be completed. Sudeep will be available only after he completes ‘Kanwarlal’.

No clippings of Dr Vishnuvardhana films will be used in the film. He is only a source of inspiration. The title is a big force. That elevate and used for good purpose said Sudeep.

P Kumar the long time assistant to KS Ravi Kumar and K Bhagyaraj has made the story and narrated it first to Yogish. Then it was taken to Dwarakish and reading was given. It is only three months ago Sudeep heard the story and made some wonderful changes to it said P Kumar who is directing for the first time in his career.

Rajarathnam who scored camera work for Durgi is heading the camera. Dwarakish intends to release this film on December 24 if all goes well

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