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Posted date: 14/July/2010

From an ordinary life of Rs.5 earning a day Anaji Nagaraj has grown up today and he is growing his thoughts with age advancing.

Whether the dream of his life to start a film in all the Indian languages on the same day in Bangalore and via latest technology switching on the camera for the first shot in other states is going to be possible or not the idea that has struck him now to make ‘3D Animation’ film on Tippu Sultan at a cost of Rs.8 crores is giving new courage to him.

After seeing ‘Avataar’ and its making and director Guruprasad Animation film getting ready Anaji Nagaraj has thought of ‘3D Animation film on ‘Tippu Sultan’ who died in the battle field in 1799.
The birthday boy of July 15 speaking exclusively to a few media friends at Green house valley (Oni) said the big dream of ‘Tippu Sultan’ animation 3D film first round of discussion is over. Probably in this year he is taking up this 150 minutes animation film.

He is collecting data on Tippu Sultan achievements and leaving aside all controversies. He has seen Sword of Tippu Sultan directed and acted by Sanjay Khan, referred to a few books asked his men to browse the internet and taking a look at Girish Karnad ‘Tippu Sultan’ play.

Anaji Nagaraj one of the seven brothers and two sisters in the family recollected his days in ‘Anaji’ in Davanagere. He has been given 12 acres of land as a share by his late father and while giving the land the sons were asked to buy at least one acre land in their earning.

Anaji Nagaraj kept this in mind and on his father advice scaling new heights by sheer hard work bought one acre of land in his home town. When he recalls his early day’s difficulties it is like a good scene for any commercial cinema. One of his brothers coming from village distributing Tamarind (Hunase Hannu) is worth hearing again. His ancestors have grown a huge tamarind tree. Every year when it is the crop season his brother puts in a gunny bag and distributes it in siblings living in Bangalore. The coming and going charges is more than total value of tamarind…..Anaji laughs lighting a cigarette.

Why has he stopped making a film with Darshan his good friend? I have not spoken on this topic so far. It was during the ‘Gaja’ business someone pumped wrong news to Darshan and Dinakar that I am belittling his market in some areas.

Darshan has a baby like mood and mentality. He is very clean and believes in what others said. He picked up a quarrel and scolded me a lot on what he heard from others. ‘Nan Friend agi Neenu Yee reethi Madthiya’ hurt me and thus there is some misunderstanding.

Does the Chitranna eating time friendship has gone very sore? No. it is not that shabby. The earlier days correlation is not found.

You came from 60 plus rupees from your home town in Davanagere. Do you have any worries? My first worry when ‘Sugriva’ bit my fingers. On that day I have cried. It is only for the first time I cried like that. My cry was for the good effort not received. Even when my father died I did not cry. Now I have decided one thing. Even if I go with one rupee extra from what I bought I am happy.

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