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Posted date: 26/August/2010

Any superstition should not shake the people life and put them in fear. It should be utilized for good. There are people who believe in superstition and decry it. With such scenario around director Om Saiprakash a specialist in devotional films has thought of good of superstition in this film. Condemning the parents and offering Pooja is not good. Likewise you do well be good and god will give you only good says Saiprakash who is in the last leg of shooting of his ‘Sri Nagashakthi’.

Saiprakash is known for giving examples to support his statements. He has given two examples of a huge lamp falling from top just in front of him at Abhiman studio and another incident of fire sequence that did not injure anyone as visibility was not there for half an hour for Naga Devathe film.

Actor Ramkumar coming back to acting after long gap says it is our ‘Dharma and Karma’ saves us. What the parents and ancestors have done guards us. Ramkumar also quotes an example of overnight shooting. Till 2 am the shooting was held in this open space at Mukthi Naga temple and after pack up the rain lashed. That means when good heard people work the good only happens he says. Superstition should not become a business, it should threaten people says Ramkumar.

Actress Shruthi present at the shooting spot on Wednesday at the Dhyana Mandir of Mukthi Naga temple (started by Subramanya Shastry) says I do not believe in superstition. Superstition according to her is what people say do like this for good. That is wrong. There is no evidence for good happening when so and so act is done. We are god fearing people but it should not be taken in wrong route she says firmly.

Actor Shivakumar back in the saddle after two years says he has been part of most of the Saiprakash films. He was in to construction of flats at Banneraghatta Road and that paved me good revenue he says. He has constructed six flats for residential purposes. In the film ‘Sri Nagashakthi’ I play quite an important role he says.

The young Nagashakthi Baby Krithika was in traditional costume the elder Sri Nagashakthi Chandrika the producer of the film was seen in jeans pant and modern tops with goggles around the shooting spot.

At Mukthi Naga temple director Saiprakash has shot for five full day and night. A Nagarapanchami song, Naga Raja and Naga Rani dance and Girija Kalyana has been shot at this religious place. Rs.2 lakh worth set has been erected at this place.

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