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Posted date: 29/August/2010

The new Sankara television channel that took its birth in 2008 investing nearly Rs.45 lakhs of rupees per month and getting a meager return is the channel of all divine people. Especially for the Adwaitha, Dwaitha and Vishistadwaitha this channel is a boon that gives eight hours of recorded programs.

In the television history Sankara channel with head office on new BEL road in Bangalore and in Chennai has created a record of 85 hours Bhajan of Sri Saibaba. It was telecast from Brindavan of Puttaparthi.

Now it is giving 48 hours of Sri Krishnajanmashtami function live covering from ISKCON starting from 1st of September.

This is an exclusively religious channel with 120 staff and giving 40 percent program in Sanskrit. Sankara television channel is for Indian values, culture, tradition and heritage. It brings a life of purity and chastity, it enriches life with spiritual power, crates peace of mind and awareness about our cultural treasures and traditions.

Sri Sankara channel is headed M.Harikrishna, G Srinivas and Chennai head Sureshkumar is a multi lingual, free to air cannel, covers 72 countries, reaches via analogue, responsible and reliable medium has genuine advertisers.

For the month of Shravana the programs like Vivadha Sabha, Twinkle Twinkle Little star, Dignity of Labor, Ganesha Ata Rajanige Paata, Prathama Vanditha, Nalapaka, Gowri Ganesha etc.

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