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Posted date: 1/September/2010

The Action king of Kannada cinema Dhuniya Vijay was in full zoom to speak about his personal and professional career after the media address of his latest film ‘Kari Chirathe’ at The Bell Hotel.

Having a base of Anna Rasam as he was hungry gulping two small eating anna rasam once again and taking a small of 100 Pipers in one hour plus duration Vijay astonished with his work and showed his simplicity, humbleness, caring nature. ‘Nanage Nanna Mele Dwesha Idhe’. I feel I am nothing. That is the anger in me says Vijay.

We give you some of the highlights of a chat with Vijay:

  • For me the model is Infosys Naryaana Murthy, Dr Rajakumar, Rajanikanth, Wipro Azim Premji and former President Dr Abdul Kalam. Look at the growth of all of them I feel proud about them and sometime remember the way to achieve the path is difficult. I feel very small in front of such giants.
  • There is one dialogue in the beginning of ‘Kari Chirathe’ Kashta Anno Raja Bidili Nadithini.. Success annodhu short cut indha sadhya illa antha. Kari Chirathe and my future films I want to bring some moral to my fans.
  • I am not a star. I am learning actor. Ever film I almost face the death and come out. That is the risk I take.
  • I have given blood only once to the blood bank but on the sets I have given lot of blood. In the tube light fight in ‘Kari Chirathe’ 25 to 30 places in the back the small glass pieces pierced.
  • The risk of death was in Dhuniya too. I smash a drum and then jump to fight. The vigor I expressed I had seen in real life. It is after the film is made that too in Vinayaka theatre. In the second week of Dhuniya I went to that theatre. One angry young man wanted to see me. He was not allowed and from his wrist he smashed the big glass plane. The Vinayaka theatre owner immediately asked me to go out from the theatre. From my stay he anticipated further damage.
  • When I finish my work nothing comes to my mind when I go home. Puffing a cigarette I feel is it possible to continue like this further in life. I have seen very difficult days. God has given something for me today. Maintaining it is what I worry.
  • I would not continue my tussle with the media. I would end it then and there itself. Clarify my stand. There is no point in carrying things and earning enemies. Media has written about me and worked as main bridge. If I am alive or dead you will write about me. That is why media gets a prime position.
  • Long time ago I have read the book Noda Jeevake Baravase from Ramakrishna Ashram library. It is so perfect for many of us.
  • The life in distress has to get the support. That is the real humanity.
  • Recently I went to NIMHANS and stayed for two days with mentally ill people. Doctors told me some of them are dangerous. I was impressed by one person in nude….he is Ramesh (they keep changing their names). Anyone who comes near him he would bite from the teeth. I consoled him and his question was do you get me new clothes. I won his heart and that character I imitate in the second half of ‘Kari Chirathe’. I even ate food given to them found it very tasty.
  • My birthday will be celebrated with these mentally ill people. I have some plans to do charity.
  • In VEERA BAHU I appear naked. Vijay surprised. How come this is possible? The camera whirrs my back completely in one particular shot when I am put behind the bars for opposing social injustice. I did not wear anything and got what the director wanted.
  • Three days almost I had to remain in water at Muthathi and developed an allergy. Small insects bite me all over the face.
  • At the time of shooting for ‘Veerabahu’ I and Nidhi Subbaiah narrowly escaped the crocodile hitting us. Just behind the place where we were there the baby crocodile I saw. Probably it was waiting to hit us.
  • At the shooting spot of Veerabahu I fell flat and injured my teeth. Again today at the press meet day I hit my upper teeth. Vijay quoted the reason for his upper teeth swollen.
  • In Kari Chirathe I pick an apple that has fallen in a ‘Kochche’. It was a market place. The Kochche (rot) with onion skin was prepared and keeping both the hands behind I picked the apple from the teeth. You know what I got from that scene. The onlookers gave thunderous applaud. I was very happy with instant clapping.
  • For not continuing ‘Hage or Dwesha’ I will narrate a small incident happened six months ago. I get up in the Brahmi muhuruth when I am supposed to travel. One day I woke up had bath came to do the Pooja for my vehicle – just two houses next to my house a soft engineer was also doing pooja for the vehicle. I inquired he is also moving to Mysore in his vehicle. Both left together and had Thatte Idlis near Bidadi. Just after that he left and in ten minutes I got the news that he met with an accident and body was difficult to identify.
  • What is life? Is it all that. The death comes without saying. I started thinking a lot about the incident for a long time.
  • When I come home after shoot for two or three days holiday I declare holiday for my children to school. Next day when I drop the children to the school I request for absence of my children.
  • When it is holiday I enjoy with my children. I am not sending my three children – Monica Monisha and Samrat to high Fonda school. They are studying in Saraswathi Vidya Mandir in Kathriguppe. I want them to know the difficulty of life. Monica is studying in 3rd standard, Monisha in second standard and Samrat in LKG.
  • Sometimes when I go to leave the children to the school they tell me Appa neenu barabeda. School friends ask for your autograph and ghalate aguthe!
  • This Vijay is not only after money but at awards too. The reward nothing but money that does not get recognition at different levels in this world. It is only awards. I don’t mind in working with Girish Kasaravalli as he is the only right person for my aspirations. Adhru two hours we have to close the doors and make the audience to sit in the theatres!
  • Vijay next is ‘Johny mere naam, preethi mera kaam’. Preetham Gubbi will be directing this film. Vijay has accepted for the title and he will finalize the subject later on.
  • He has currently finished Veerababu and Kanteerava talkie portions.
  • With heavy work schedule Vijay is able to sleet only three hours a day.
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