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Posted date: 10/September/2010

It took exactly one year delay for Priya Hassan to release her second directorial venture ‘Bindhaas Hudugi’. There are two reasons to this delay. One is personal and the other one is professional.

Professionally I had to look at every movement of the film as director and obviously it took lot of time and I am not doing a film just for the sake of doing a film. There are some reports that say I have money so calling my own shots. That is not true. I am very attentive to give a good movie to the Kannada audience. I will not leave any short falls for my film. Priya Hassan was speaking on her 22nd birthday she conducted at GM Rejoyz on last Thursday 9th September.

Jambada Hudugi ran in continuation for 175 days and the award issue for the film from the state government is still in the court. The two hearings so far were in my favor and waiting for final hearing says Priya Hassan.

Drawing her attention on ‘Bindhaas Hudugi’ Priya says it has three action, comedy, sentiment and five get up change for her. It has a wonderful message like in ‘Jambada Hudigi’ but it will be better if you see on the screen says Priya.

The regional censor board has not suggested any cuts for ‘Bindhas Hudugi’ and given U certificate. I have the satisfaction for the turn out of the film. The delay was also from technical studio in Chennai. Soundarya Rajanikanth studio kept quiet without doing DTS for four months. I lost good time and had to shift the film to some other studio for DTS.

‘Bindhaas Hudugi’ narrates how an orphan girl faces distress in life and how she has to take up challenged in life. I made the people to cry in my first film and now I make them laugh says Priya who has high hopes on her second venture.

Mohan is the distributor of the film and I have plans to release in BKT area on my own informed Priya Hassan and left for cake cutting.

Wish you 19th Happy birthday was the wish from a journalist. Another journalist said add 50 percent of that for the right age of Priya Hassan slightly disturbed Priya and she announced she is 22 for 9th September 2010.

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