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Posted date: 15/September/2010

Producer Soundaraya Jagadish known for magnanimity despite of heavy strain taken to make his second film ‘Appu Pappu’ has offered special concession to children all over Karnataka.

The special coupons what the children take to the theatre they will be offered 25 percent concession on the ticket price. This coupon is not ordinary. It offers special offer in the lucky dip. A laptop, computer, Sony play station, bicycle, video games player are in the prizes list.

For contacting the school this time Smt Rekha Soundarya Jagadish has worked hard. She has been the backbone of establishing contact with the schools. Already many of the shows in Karnataka have been booked by schools in bulk.

Besides this special concession and prizes to lucky winners Smt Rekha Soundaraya Jagadish has distributed books and labels.

‘Appu Pappu’ is starring an Orangutan from Cambodia and Master Snehith son of producer Soundraya Jagadish.


For the first time on Indian screen an Orangutan (Chimpanzee) named as Judy has come to attract with daring child Master Snehith the 3rd standard boy from VVS Gandhi Centenary School in Rajajinagar Bangalore thrill the fun lovers in a message filled film ‘Appu Pappu’.

Producer Soundaraya Jagadish has plans to make ‘Appu Pappu’ in Hindi and bring the Kannada version in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. The artists like Abbas, Rekha, Komalkumar, Jennifer Kotwal, Rangayana Raghu with high range add to the value and to top it all the state award winning cameraman S Krishna and national award winning music director Hamsalekha have lent their expertise.

‘Appu Pappu’ is coined as the sure winner in the film circles for various strong elements has in fact disturbed the producer Soundarya Jagadish because of the running around for two months that too with no fault of his.

After obtaining clear certificate from Animal Welfare board the unit of ‘Appu Pappu’ went ahead with the shoot. The animal welfare certificate from Cambodia is enough for producing at the censor time was mentioned. When the film was placed before the censor all sorts of problems erupted. This has made Soundaraya Jagadish to run around Chennai, New Delhi and Cambodia to get 20 letters signed.

However the film is free from hassles for release in 30 plus theatres in Karnataka.

Raju Thalikote comedy villain is the one who has faced some injuries from Orangutan. He has liked the time sense in the animal.

There are two Mr India in ‘Appu Pappu’ brothers Ravi and Harish. Harish has taken lot of punches from Orangutan when the trainer use to say hit. Ravi with international acclaim has sought the media full attention for this kind of film.

Director Anantharaju is happy for release of ‘Appu Pappu’ and says it is very difficult to get acting from actors it is even more difficult to get Orangutan act in this film.

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