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After ‘Mathondu Madhuve’ in real life director of eminence Dinesh Baboo says his anger has come down. For the last 16 years I was alone in my life. I was cooking, washing cleaning the house. The maidservant does not come to the house where an individual lives (Dinesh Baboo laughs) and with the entire work load on my head I was angry on everyone, shouting immediately.

Marrying Chetana on April 9 at Trivandrum I have reduced my tension and I am not shouting or getting annoyed so much now. I really needed a company in my life and the acceptance came from their family too so I went for a marriage. Chetana daughter of known actress Ashalatha has been working as my assistant for last four films and I found her fit to my nature says Dinesh Baboo.

Marrying young girl I have not done any mistake in my life as seen by the society. There is perfect understandings why not get married and live together.

Dinesh Baboo draws attention on the marriage inside the family quoting the Egyptian culture. The upper classes marry inside the family. Even there are instances of brother and sister getting married.

I have come out from loneliness and isolation in my life. Everything is going good now. I have completed the Telugu remake of ‘Eradane Madhuve’ in 15 days. I may not take up another film with actor Rajendra Prasad that is on a physically handicap person.

I have ‘Mathondu Madhuvena’ to complete and lined up a few projects in my computer. According to me any script it needs 10 days to make. Further the screenplay requires some time. Recently I approached a hero with a subject in Kannada, he is a senior. He agreed for the script and said he is sitting on another script for six months. I told the manager the script cannot be proper. One who is writing script for six months is an incapable person. They do not have definite set of ideas and very oscillating I feel says Dinesh Baboo.

The budget of a Kannada film should not be more than 1.5 crore says Dinesh Baboo with his own economics. Firstly the regions from which we get are very important. Nowhere in the country has the problem of Kannada cinema industry. This Bangalore is the pocket of all language films. So spending the money with proper approach is important. Rs.10 crores film and all we cannot sustain says Baboo.

Throwing his attention on enemies he says they are not permanent in life. Who knows I might take up films with K Manju also mentioned Baboo.

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