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Posted date: 11/November/2010

It is a win for both journalist fraternity and film of ‘Huduga Hudugi’ team as Indrajith Lankesh and his wife Smt Arpitha have won the mixed doubles shuttle badminton cup on Wednesday evening at the ‘HH’ promotional tournament. Indrajith belongs to both the sides – media and cinema media and obviously it is a win for both.

The event exclusive photo feature is covered by only the fast growing Kannada film portal.

It was a stiffly contested battle at KGS Club on Wednesday. From the morning till evening several rounds were played but the heat picked up when stylish Sudeep, young sensation Loose Madha Yogish, very charming lanky lady Biaenca Desai, Lekha Washington, Sanjana and model Pramod Hegde arrived for the quarter finals, semi finals and final matches.

There was some hard effort to win the points and it was systematically organized sports event concerning the film of Sandesh Combines ‘Huduga Hudugi’. There was a good looking trophy too that was carried away by winning team Indrajith Lankesh and his wife Arpitha.

In the evening Yogish, Sanjana on the one side and Pramod Hegde and Lekha Washington the Suvarna channel coverage of the sports event gathered more attention brought in seriousness to the game.

Sudeep and Biaenca Desai clashed with Indrajith Lankesh and Arpitha in the finals. The trophy was presented later at the spot of the game played.

Later in the night around 9 pm Indrajith Lankesh came with his some star cast – Biaenca Desai, Lekha Washington, Sanjaana and Pramod Hegde to address the media at the Press Club of Bangalore.

It was a short and sweet address made by the tired ‘Huduga Hudugi’ team members:

Indrajith Lankesh the style embodiment in career also filled with dedication and accuracy in the work thanked the Suvarana channel and stars like Sudeep, Yogish who made it to the occasion. The real cheer from cheer girls looked very significant on the contest evening. Thanked the media team members like Sadashiva Shenoy, Somasekhar and others for extending a good sportive spirit on this occasion.

Actress Lekha Washington making debut in Kannada Huduga Hudugi wished there will be swimming contest for the 100 days of the film as she is a champion in swimming. The brilliance of Indrajith Lankesh the Bollywood actress Lekha appreciated.

Biaenca Desai the most prominent among all at the event because of her well maintained physique said Indrajith Lankesh is a great human being. Promoting the movie like this is very much required today and Kannadadha Karan Johan Indrajith Lankesh is too good in directing the film too said Biaenca who is in a song and part of climax of the film.

Sanjana the local heroine very lively presence at the court of shuttle badminton and her ability to throw the shuttle bat and cock at the same time brought more cheer. She explained how she became part of ‘Huduga Hudugi’ with in half hour when she was shooting for ‘Mylari’ at Abbainaidu Studio.

Pramod Hegde is in a small role in ‘HH’ a model was also part of the shuttle badminton team. He liked immensely the treatment given to him by Indrajith Lankesh. Pramod Hegde is in to ramp shows and print advertisements in his six longs years of career as model.

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