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Posted date: 19/November/2010

The kissing sensation of ‘Avva’ (lip locking with Vijay) is back to Kannada film after one and half years in which in the last one year she stayed in adjacent Tamil film industry doing three films Kadhai, Porkalam and Mark.

Of course Smitha had left a mark for her charm in other language and what is surprising is that she is asked to work for village belle traditional roles which she accepts without tantrums.

A very rare catch Smitha was seen at the ‘9 to 12’ briefing for the completion of the film at Nandini Hotel on St Marks Road.

The malaria that affected me sometime back brought down five kilograms of weight but I have become very conscious about my diet after that explained the thin looking Smitha. ‘Eat well and do good exercise’ is my policy she disclosed.

Ask her why she is skipping from Kannada to other languages she asks a question even journalists are writing for more than one newspapers. Smitha has grown at least in answering the question and putting the media at a fix. When this scribe told that he stayed in one newspaper for twenty days she was taken aback. Suddenly she comes across with a compliment saying it is quite interesting. But that compliment does not interest the discerning journalists she should know.

Later understanding the concern in the question Smitha cooled down and said it is obvious to go pick what we want when it is offered. We do that normally in social life. For me keeping busy with offers is very important she explained the need of the hour in her journey of four years in films from ‘Sixer’.

There was another clue in the chat at the reception of Nandini Hotel that Smitha has grown up in life. She pointed to a question what bothers her at this juncture of career. ‘I have learnt to come over from worries’ she explained with a sense. I would not allow the worries to come near to me.

Back to filmy talk Smitha says two of her films in Tamil ‘Banthu and Hoithu’. Out of the three Porkalam got critical acclaim for her. Kishore had also acted in that film. There is ‘Mark’ in Telugu.

Asked when she was not on the muhurut day of ‘9 to 12’ she answered it straight warding off the controversy surrounding her. There was one day shooting left for me in my Telugu movie ‘Mark’ and I inquired with Ashok Patil. He told that the muhurut of ‘8 to 12’ is on some other day. But suddenly he came up with muhurut on the day I was supposed to be there in Telugu. This is what happened and I had no intentions of abstaining away from muhurut of ‘9 to 12’ stated clever Smitha.

On her role in ‘9 to 12’ Smitha says it is very impressive role that is very rare to find for an artist. When I was performing the vegetable vendor role in this film one top cop was around the shoot place came and told me that I remind him of top actress Manjula. In the media meet BC Patil complimented her as Kannada Rekha.

‘I am a Kannadiga and I want more meaningful and worthwhile roles here in Karnataka’. If I don’t get one why should I keep quiet when offers pour in she asks. I do not discriminate the languages she pointed and concluded that she does not have any worries as on today.

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