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Posted date: 24/December/2010

The Team Suraksha that is forging ahead to protect the nature and society had a touching event on Thursday afternoon in the presence of Upendra and Rockline Venkatesh.

Mr Naveen Chellam the President of the Team Suraksha announced the 10000 sq feet place for the burn victims and he has wished to keep the place as ‘Upendra’. I am impressed with the ‘Super’ Kannada cinema in doing this work said Naveen Chellam.

The students of Suraksha thronged at City Institute to see their favorite star Upendra. All the children have seen the ‘Super’ Kannada film. They had interaction with Upendra for a few minutes. Three wheel chairs were presented on this occasion for the needy persons.

Upendra addressing on this occasion said there are people who talk but some are known for doing good without talking. Cutting jokes and answering the queries from the children Upendra was so down to earth at this event.

At this touching event of Team Suraksha Upendra explained that the concept of 2030 India is the already floated thought of Baba Ramdev. Some of the persons of Baba Ramdev came and told him that it is what they want to see India in 2020. I am with such stalwarts like Baba Ramdev stated Upendra.

Producer of fame Rockline Venkatesh it is a new experience of mingling with the children. Naveen Chellam is doing the work what God does – taking care of needy stated Upendra.


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