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Posted date: 28/December/2010

What is ‘Dushta’ - wicked, evil, sinful, bad and nefarious in English! So what you would say? Our intelligent multi dimensional S Narayan has picked a title ‘Dushta’ that also has caption ‘Beli and Hoo’. Not Beli Mathu Hola’.

S Narayan knows how to sow the plant and pick it when the ‘Beli’ – thorns are surrounded by it. He has earned this art only by his discipline and system.

As the heroes of today who stood before the ‘Light Kamba’ near his house and eagerly waited for chance once upon a time are not lifting his phone now he is obviously fed up of it.

So he made a talent hunt and called those did not respond to call as ‘Dushta’? Narayan does not make such mistakes! He has kept the title of his new talent hunt involved artists film as ‘Dushta’.

The film is going on the floor on 3rd January and he has finalized 25 plus artists from the theatre group. Talent hunt has paved him. But this time no one is standing before the ‘Light Kamba’!

This is S Narayan ‘Dushta’ Samhara in the climax. All evils should be evaporated at the end. He is using the live instruments this time for six tunes and shooting in Malnad region.

Anand Audio Mohan is permanent customer to S Narayan. So without asking Narayan puts in the banner Audio house of Anand. I have earned good profits in association with S Narayan stated Mohan Chabria.

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