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Posted date: 2/January/2011

For the first time a film moves with a supporting actor Rangayana Raghu but he is not the hero. It is because that he is not the hero he has accepted to work in this film. That is ‘Rama Rama Raghu Rama’. When 3 M and 2 Ms are in the title why not 4 R’s!

At the audio release of the film ‘RRRR’ Rangayana Raghu expressed that an actor should do all kinds of roles. He wanted to do dance from the days of ‘Dhuniya’ that has materialized in this film. Looking at macho hero Vijay and lovely star Premkumar the terrific actor on Kannada screen Rangayana Raghu stated the action heroes are ‘Hata’ filled and they exercise control on physique. I am Bhavana filled actor said RR of RRRR.

Action hero Vijay looking different with specks without any hesitation said RR is guarding me in this field and he is his student from the days of ‘Dhuniya’. He is a master and I am student he pointed.

Lovely star Premkumar explaining the capacity of RR said in other languages only comedy actors turn heroes. But RR is comedian, villain, character artist in emotional roles. He is the hero of the film he pointed.

Director Raghuraj of Boss Kannada film in his second film RRRR said the first half of the film in reverse style narration is for the first time in world cinema. He has not seen the other films or came to know about it was evident from his speech. This film has all requirements of a mass entertainer he pointed.

This is a paisa vasool film said one of the producers Rajasekhara Reddy. Pramod, MS Ramesh, Jayanna, Bogendra and others were present at the audio release of the film.

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