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Posted date: 4/January/2011

It is not Amma Ninna Tholinalli Kandha Naanu…but the reverse style for Jaggesh the popular actor cum politician. Amma Neena Nanna Tholinalli! Jaggesh mother to left and Sri Raghavendra Swamy to his right arm are permanent tattoo in his life.


Jaggesh got the tattoo impression of his mother Smt Nanjamma on his left arm and to his right arm he has the tattoo of Sri Raghavendra Swamy the strongest follower in his life. ‘Nan Janma Hogo varegu Amma Nanna Jothe’ says Jaggesh displaying his arms for the camera eyes.

It is a Mexican carving in the arms – just below the sleeves for Jaggesh at a cost of Rs.1.60 lakhs in seven and half hours. Jaggesh was crying of pain and lost blood too in getting this impression to stay permanent in life. On his third visit to USA in the last year Jaggesh got this impression from a Mexican carver.

Jaggesh carried the photographs of his mother but Lord Raghavendra Swamy photograph was downloaded from internet. The Mexican who did this carving took a look at the photo of Sri Raghavendra Swamy for half an hour and then started his skill.

When so many youths of this generation are getting tattoos of unconnected ones in life Jaggesh admiration is definitely admirable. It is a real love of the actor and nothing else.

Jaggesh visit to USA never ends meeting his long time friends Chikswamy and Chandrasekhar Aradhya.

A salute to Jaggesh for showing such exemplary affection!


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