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Posted date: 11/January/2011

Very rarely available to the media actor Charan Raj is having ‘Shukradase’ in film field but it is very pathetic in real life since the last four years.
He lost his mother, father and brother in 2006 in succession still bothers actor of four prominent languages – Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. He is over 300 films in his career of 26 years and earned good name and good money for his bad roles.
I have enjoyed the life and offers came pouring in for me like I used to pour the favorite drink in my life. I have never crossed the limits but not forgotten the past.
Till today Charan Raj has not forgotten his starting days in Malleswaram at Rathan Mahal Building. He owns a room he lived and given it for rent on a condition all the
posters he has put up should be as it is. He draws his attention to the Brindavan Hotel. Those were the very hungry days. In Brindavan Hotel several boys lost their jobs because of me. I promised them to take to film artists and on that pretext lot of chutney, sambar and Palya was falling on my place. For giving in excess the waiters lost their job remembers Charan Raj.
Charan Raj has not forgotten those who brought him up in life. He remembers DV Sudheendra for giving helping hand, Abbai Naidu he still keeps in mind and for Siddalingaaih his mentor he often visits. Whenever I see Siddalingaiah I get recharged in my life. Like that the Banasavadi Anjaneya is the one who changed my fortunes.
I still remember Rs.3200 my first payment. I bought a Suvega, went to meet my parents by flight to Belgaum. I used to pay Rs.40 as rent for Rathan mahal room. Charan Raj immediately remembers his second son Devendra Raj.
Like how Siddalingaiah changed my life he even changed my second son life. By just one advice and appreciating my first son Siddalingaiah bought some sort of change in my 10th standard studying son.
Today my son has taken a challenge to become a hero. Earlier per day he was spending thousands of rupees on car race near my Hyderabad residence disclosed Charan Raj. His daughter is interior designer.
I am planning to come to Ratan Mahal building one day with my family and show how I lived. Charan Raj was very fond of mother. He says till 12 years he was drinking the breast milk. That has given me good health he opines.

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