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Posted date: 19/February/2011

The fate of the cinema is sometimes decided in three hours! That is the morning show of the film. For making such a cinema hundreds of days, crores of rupees are invested. Why all such ‘Ragale’ we will shoot only in 12 hours says the young director from Karnataka Guruvendra Shetty for his Kannada film ‘Thirtharoopa’.
On March 9th from morning 9 am till 9 pm doing the muhuruth the shooting in 12 hours will be completed at Rockline Studio. Seven directors and Seven cinematographers are working in 52 scenes. In all 300 persons effort will be utilized and 60 artists team is led by Santosh and Roopika.
It is a story of father and son relationship. The 60 percent of present generation is banking on the earning of parents. They are not self reliant. Not making an effort to earn and live. This is the survey report of the director. I have made a plan for six months on the script and it is one year effort. There are two songs penned by Yogaraj Bhat Santosh Kumar. There is comedy and sentiment in this film. I have won in my preparations says Guruvendra who made ‘Nannedeya Haadu’ in the past.
GV Nataraj Gadikere is the producer with Smt Chandrika of Mangalore. The former child actor of 45 films Santosh who has been an MBA post graduate now does not consider himself as hero of the film. He is back after six years in commercial film. earlier he was seen in ‘Prapatha’ of Suchendra Prasad.
Roopika the beautiful actress of Cheluvina Chilipili, Kalgejje is playing the hold character. She is the moral support to Santosh in ‘Thirtharoopa’.
KM Vishnuvardhana is the chief cameraman.

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