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Posted date: 3/March/2011

In a massive attendance the magnificent feast of song and dance from hat trick hero not a trick hero according to Prof Baraguru Ramachandrappa – Shivarajakumar gala silver jubilee celebration went on for four hours and it was like watching two films was the duration.
On Wednesday night the ‘Jagarane’ till 12 in the midnight was special for the film fans, film industry on the one side and it was such a fabulous treat Shivarajakumar received from his colleagues participation. gives the highlights of the ‘Mahashivarathri’ silver jubilee celebration extravaganza of Shivarajakumar in detail.
• The lighting of lamp took place at 7.10 pm – Smt Parvathamma Rajakumar, S Bangarappa former chief minister, Smt Nagamma sister of Dr Rajakumar joined the formal inauguration.
• Shruthi, Srujan Lokesh, Ravishanker and Srinagara Kitty were the anchors for four hours event.
• The notable absentees are – Upendra, Sudeep, Radhika, Rakshita, Kumar Banarappa, Madhu Bangarappa, Prema and others. No outside heroines or guests was not part of this gala event.
• Tight security arrangements were made. The RMP not aware of the media at one point of time pushed them to a side saying seats are full. The timely intervention of PRO Venkatesh solved the crisis of the media.
• RMP Sajid declared at the media meet an ambulance will be presented on this occasion but no such event took place when the boss of RMP Praveen Chandan came up on dais. Out of excitement no knowledge the boss of RMP said he would buy all the tickets of the 100th week of ‘Mylari’ showed his ignorance. He also assured that he is buying the first ticket of the first show of ‘Jogaiah’ the 100th film of Shivarajakumar.
• It was only TV 9 managing the recording of the program. No other channels were permitted.
• The seven minutes clippings prepared by vajreshwari were screened that showcased the strength of Shivarajakumar.
• Before the honor of V Ravichandran, Jagesh and Ramesh – the clips of their films with good running commentary were available.
• Inaugural address was made by Prof Baraguru Ramachandrappa – he recalled the early days of Shivarajakumar father Dr Rajakumar and grandfather Shiva Puttaswamaiah. Shivarajakumar is not a trick hero but he is hat trick hero. His father was without ‘failures’ Shivarajakumar is ‘Solinallu Saradara’ that is his strength. Kathe and Naithikathe in films people did not rejected. The Mathu, Manasu, Mukha are controlled in him. Vinaya is the Vara he got from Varanata Dr Rajakumar.
• The first program was for Omkara….of Om Kannada film sung by Dr Rajakumar for which Actor cum dancer Sridhar with his wife Anuradha and dancers performed very effectively.
• Vishal Hegde, Ajith, Naveen Krishna joined for three songs that were the younger days college boy roles of Shivarajakumar.
• Yash, Yogish, Pooja Gandhi joined for Nagu Baa Mehabooba…..
• Pooja Gandhi came for ravishing song Heart anno Addadalli…..
• For Hodi Maga Hodi Maga…of Jodi challenging star Darshan and Aditya came with long.
• Shivarajakumar came with his first film Anand costume and there were some fireworks and soon Shashikumar joined for Mrutyhunjaya song. Ragini was also there for this song.
• Radhika Pandit, Ramesh Aravind joined Shivarajakumar for Nammura Mandhara Hoove…
• Shivarajakumar daughter Nivedhitha came up on stage for Anadman Kannada film song.
• Anu Prabhakar danced with Shivanna for Hrudaya Hrudaya song Venkatesha Venkatesha….
• Gurudut, Balaraj and Shivanna were seen on motorbikes on stage.
• Ambarish and minister Ashok arrived at 8.30 pm. Home and Transport minister Ashok honored Shivarajakumar on this occasion. Kannada Seve Kashta but Shivarajakumar family has been doing it said Ambarish. Minister Ashok wished many more success for Shivarajakumar.
• Murali and Akanksha Badami sung for Mani Mani….song
• Ramesh Aravind took time to chat with family members of Shivarajakumar – his daughters Nivedhita and Nirupama, wife Geetha, Puneeth Rajakumar and Raghavendra Rajakumar.
• Shruthi came up on dais recalled her Aasegobba Meesegobba days.
• Anna-Thangi song was gung by Vijaya Raghavendra, Premkumar and Vijay joined the steps.
• Ajay Rao and Haripriya danced for the beautiful song. At this song end 100 placards came up with children holding it and Kannada flag went flying.
• Director Prem came up on stage and expressed his inability for not releasing the audio at this moment. He wants to release the audio for Ugadi festival. He sung the song line of Jogaiah – Dooradinda Nodthale Kanneeru Hakthala…..
• Ragavendra Rajakumar song Attthe Magalu Udup….Shivanna joined for dance.
• Shiva Shiva song was performed on stage by Golden star Ganesh.
• Shivarajakumar sung songs performed on stage by Gadhika Gandhi, Vishal Hegde, Naveen Krishna and Neethu.
• RMP honored Shivarajakumar and stage was full of RMP staff.
• Shivarajakumar received the second sword on the dais.
• Srinagara Kitty sung the ‘Jogi’ song.
• Yash and Rekha danced for another song number.
• Raghavendra Rajakumar thanked everyone who had come to this event. 50000 plus crowd most of them from RMP family were present on this occasion.
• The dust filled night was also magnificent with fireworks in the sky.

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