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In an exclusive chat Paryaya Swamiji Sri Lakshmivara Theertha of Shiroor Math, Udupi has confirmed the agreement for staging the play ‘Bhaktha Ambarisha’ in the leadership of Kannada actor Srinivasamurthy. It was just 10 minutes interview the respected Swamiji took out from his busy schedule at 9 am on 2nd May 2011.
Known for his cultural love especially in the field of music and art Sri Lakshmivara Theertha Paryaya Swamiji said it is three hours stage play that Kannada actor of high caliber Srinivasamurthy is performing with his team.
Here is an abridged version of a chat with Sri Lakshmivara Theertha of ‘Shiroor Math’ Udupi:
What is the main inspiration to stage only ‘Bhaktha Ambarisha’?
Dr Rajakumar is the inspiration. In the past when Dr Rajakumar came to Udupi Paryaya in 1978-79 a discussion on this play was made. Again when Dr Rajakumar was present at 1994-95 Paryaya time once again the discussion was made. Dr Rajakumar evinced lot of interest to stage the play in Udupi and it was a very special moment in the history of Udupi we felt.
What happened later?
Things did not work and aspiration just remained in us and with Dr Rajakumar.
How did you felt Srinivasamurthy as the right choice?
We have heard about Srinivasamurthy a lot. He is the only one who can deliver with such preciseness and dialogue delivery is what counts heavily in this three hours play of ‘Bhaktha Ambarisha’. Besides that he is equipped with knowledge on the Mahabharatha and Bhagavatha. When Srinivasamurthy came to this year ‘Paryaya festival’ the first round of discussion was very fruitful.
The native talent could only delivery the required results….
As a matter of fact I do not want artists and talent from other states. Karnataka has abundant talent. ‘Adyathmada Hindhe Hodhavaru’ we want.
‘Bhakatha Ambarisha’ is rather very tough one to produce on stage….
Actor Srinivasamurthy discussed with us on this issue. It is one time stage play of three hours. Lot of artists and technicians are required. I would look forward to see the best.
When exactly the play will be staged at Udupi?
We have ‘Janma Nakshatra’ event in June. 10 prominent personalities will be seen on that day. But Srinivasamurthy wants more time to get ready. Maximum it will be staged in ‘Navarathri festival’.
Stage play of such a high magnitude ‘Bhaktha Ambarisha’ requires some investment….
Actor Srinivasamurthy quoted Rs.2.50 lakhs for the play that includes all = make up, coming and going and artists payment. Our Sri Krishna Math is not able to give so much. We have discussed on this issue. We are ready to fund Rs.1 to 1.50 lakhs.
What arrangements he has to make for the rest of it?
After staging three hours play of ‘Bhaktha Ambarisha’ Srinivasamurthy could stage the same play in three or four place and get back his investment.
You are musically very interested personality……
Of course, music is my hobby.
In your regime are you planning any other cultural programs from Kannada cinema artists?
I have no such thoughts in my mind.
What is your main agenda in the two years of ‘Paryaya’?
The devotees should not face an iota of difficult. The peace of devotees is my priority.
How do you cater to Sri Krishna devotees worldwide?
For the worldwide there is website – that was opened recently. The devotees could contact me directly.

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