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Posted date: 8/May/2011

Kempe Gowda the builder of Bangalore is from Magadi. There was already Kempe Gowda film and now a film with a title of his birth place ‘Magadi’. Magadi is not the name of protagonist. No one keeps him the name so everyone calls him as ‘Magadi’ – the place where he was abandoned and he grows as orphan.

Bama Harish and Diwakar siblings are making this film ‘Magadi’ with their close relative Deepak as hero. This is the 9th film for Deepak. This is a raw action filled cinema and I have been narrated one line said Deepak. Hameed as a villain is dumb in this film. I have to prove my talent without dialogues by expressions he said.

An orphan has no identity in society. There are so many. What is their fate is the question of director Suresh Goswami making debut as director after 12 years of stint as assistant and associate director. He has worked under directors like K Madesh, MS Ramesh, Shivamani and others. He is making a commercial film.

‘Magadi’ went on the floors on Friday morning – auspicious Akshaya Tritiya day at Veeranjaneya temple situated on 6th block Rajajinagar. ‘Magadi’ has a force and this was suggested BR Keshava explained Ba Ma Harish. I am behind the screen executive producer stated Diwakar.

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