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Posted date: 22/May/2011

The Karnataka state film awards presented for 2008-2009 on Saturday night at Koramangala Indoor Stadium was one of the bleakest state awards evening – the system and discipline were thrown in the air. The lack of indiscipline showed how worst a state award film evening could happen.

Bhargava for his dance, Muddu Mohan for his song, Sharat Babu given state ward on compelling by award winner by G Murthy, best actor and best actress – Yogish and Radhika Pandit unhappy for not receiving from concerned minister at least – there were so many lapses in the conduct of the state film awards presentation.

We give you the highlights and low lights of the four hours awards evening held: gives happenings in serial order.

  • The program took off t the right time after Shailesh Bhagath of Mumbai Shehanai.
  • The Nada Geethe…by Kikkeri and team lacked the power.
  • The main disturbance for the entire event was Sandhya voice. The Kannada words so good to hear suffered badly from her announcement. It is high time the right voice is selected for prestigious Karnataka state film awards. Ramakrishna was good in his anchor job.
  • On the right of dais – Karnataka CM BSY, Home Minsiter R Ashok, irrigation minister Basavaraj Bommai, Basanthkumar Patil, Doddarange Gowda, Ambarish, V Ravichandran, Dr Srinath, Jaggesh, Jayanth, Dr Bharathi Vishnuvardhana, TS Nagabharana, government officials were given the seat.
  • Dr B Saroja Devi - Dr Rajakumar award winner was given seat next to Karnataka chief minister BSY instead of the opposite side where the award winners were given chairs. Clout counts!
  • Ambarish came at the Nadageethe time. He showed the right respect standing among the spectators and then moved to the dais for his chair.
  • When Karnataka chief minister BSY distributed four awards – there was some chaos in the television crews.
  • TV 9 was given full rights to cover live. Other channels objected to this government function giving to any individual. The letter issued to TV 9 states that after four awards the channels should vacate the venue of state awards.
  • The protest of remaining channels reached the Karnataka CM and it was made free for all channels to cover.
  • Actress of national fame Thara dance to Cheluvantha Channiga…..was with co dancers. Thara looked strained in this performance.
  • RN Sudarshan came up (thanks to Jaggesh) for the song ‘Aparakeerthi….later on Sudarshan sang a song from Shubamangala- Hoovondhu Bali Bandhu….. Srinath was not there to hear this song.
  • Akanksha Badami and Vyara Rao rendered the title track of ‘Sanju Weds Geetha’.
  • Souvenir of 2008-2009 film award winners was released by Home Minister R Ashok and Ambarish.
  • On behalf of Prof Baraguru Ramachandra Hulimavu Ramachandra received the honor. Director Soori was not present to receive the award. Even actress Lakshmi for supporting role was not present. Rockline Venkatesh received on behalf of Soori while Hema Chaudhary name was called to receive award for Lakshmi but she had left the venue by that time.
  • Ambarish combed his hair while others on stage used kerchief to clear the sweat.
  • The Karnataka CM Yediyurappa did not make any new promises. He declared the new demand given to him at this place ‘Show Tax’ would be looked in to and right decision will be taken.
  • The Karnataka CM started his speech from DVG Mankuthimmana Kagga and ended with it. The Ashaya of Kagga is also mine he mentioned.
  • Srinagara Kitty and Rupika dance for ‘Garane Gara Garane….from Aptha Raksha was a beauty with perfect costume. The decoration of flowers for Rupika hairdo lost its placement.
  • It was 8 pm – Karnataka Chief Minister BSY left with Basavaraja Bommai – not for 8 PM enjoyment. The political pressures made him to leave after giving awards for four personalities.
  • Yash and Megana Gaonkar danced for tightu Tightu song….that was symbolic of the CM situation in the political field.
  • Dream merchant V Ravichandran thanked the government for all help. He recalled his awards winning time of Shanthi Kranthi and Ekangi – films that won award lost heavily he admitted. Looking at my state government gave state award! I am making Manjina Hani for four years now. The responsibility is more now. For me award and reward is required from the people. Shanthi Kranthi made I lost Rs.10 crores I gave Ramachari, Ekangi was made I lost heavily I gave Malla. Now Manjina Hani comes and it would win because I have come on state award stage he pointed. Mallikarjuna is coming first V Ravichandran had forgotten it seems.
  • Chiranjeevi danced to his film songs.
  • Ambarish left at 8.25 pm.
  • Baby Anvitha song of Amma Ninna Tholinalli….was impressive among all.
  • R Ashok, home minister left at 8.35 pm – Jaggesh and Dr Srinath followed him.
  • Information director Muddu Mohan with wrong wordings in the song Nagunagutha Nali….showed how capable he is in singing. Mane function Mane avare Hadidru!
  • MK Matha who received the best supporting Dr KS Ashwath award fell to the feet of TS Nagabharana and then received the honor.
  • For the songs of Raj, Vishnu, Ambarish and V Ravichandran – Dilipraj dance was good one.
  • Rishika Singh showing her physical strength (she was lifted in swimming style) danced. Nagachandrika song of Giligili Gillak….was good.
  • Jayanthi, Basanthkumar Patil and government officials given the awards for most of the winners.
  • Sharat Babu was forced to sit and receive the medal – this is the mistake of director G Murthy. Just for pleasing Sharat Babu the government guidelines were thrown in the air.
  • When Josh award was received by SV Babu the boys of Josh came up without invitation.
  • Last year SR Puttanna Kanagal award winner Renuka Sharma received the honor this year.
  • Avinash Chabbi song from Murali Meets Meera – Nee Nadha Kshana….was very good.
  • HR Bhargava – award committee chairman danced without asking in front of Yogish and Radhika Pandit before Yogish address.
  • Bhargava dance looked so stupid and it has broken all the norms of the decent state awards functions conducted so far.
  • Bhargava not only committed blunder at the media address at the state awards announcement but also at the awards night he lost his cool. For the Jinke Marina… (unrelated cinema song on this occasion) Bhargava stepped with Yogish. Radhika Pandit forcibly joined.
  • Among the award winners Yogish and Radhika Pandit thanked for such a honor and felt unhappy for ministers not present to give it.
  • Yogish stated that this award is because of hard work not got by giving hard cash. He invited his friends and family on stage for this moment of pride in his life.

At 10 pm the 2008-2009 state wards event curtains were down. Gururaj of Sound of Music had some more songs to render but there was absolutely no crowd to hear.
‘Sarkaradha function – how badly one can organize and break the norms – this 2008-2009 was standing example!

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