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Posted date: 22/May/2011

Guruprasad has developed a ‘Suvarnadhantha’ project – the first animation film ‘Idhu Bombeyatavaiah’ that is hitting as the premier show in ‘Suvarana’ television channel. It is for November 14 Children’s day this magic from Guruprasad is slated for release.

In case my film release first in television channel I will be holding the record of first animation film in Kannada director. In case Seshagiri Yelival film ‘Chintu School’ release in theatre before that he will be getting the record. We both are good friends says Guruprasad.

Whenever Guruprasad is around there is no dearth for the information, lively discussion and cracking of jokes.

The film long pending in his kitty ‘Directors Special’ is going on the floor on June 13 with new pattern and new cast.

A flower seller to his house is playing a role, Dhananjay a software guy who got award in stage play from Germany is playing the lead, there is one girl who has promised to perform in only one cinema and retire as beautiful heroine of the film….Guruprasad explained on his findings.

On a question he stated he has not translated the dialogues of ‘Nadodigal’ for Kannada version ‘Hudugaru’. At some places emotions are same but we have added 40 percent addition in dialogues. In Tamil the film is seen very seriously. But in Kannada there is laugh riot at many places says Gururpasad.

When Guruprasad remembers ‘Hudugaru’ he does not forget to immensely thank power star Puneeth Rajakumar. When dialogue started developing I got the notion that Yogish character is going to be lapped up by the audience. I explained it to Raganna and Puneeth. Immediately Puneeth reacted that it should be according to what I feel for the character without missing the essence. Nothing to worry and no need to add extra dimensions for my role informed Puneeth Rajakumar impressed Guruprasad very much.

Guruprasad remembering this said the No.1 star of Kannada cinema Puneeth Rajakumar simplicity and his mindset as for as the film is concerned is tremendous. Any other star would have told that he should get top priority. He did not do so. That is why I want to offer special salute to Puneeth Rajakumar informed Guruprasad speaking to this correspondent.

In his address at the success party of ‘Hudugaru’ dialogue writer Guruprasad stated that ‘Vani and Vanijya’ – Vani meaning Goddess Saraswathi and Vanijya means money are very important in the making of a film.

Guruprasad expressed his wish to direct a film for all the three sons of Dr Rajakumar either individually or collectively.

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