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Posted date: 12/June/2011

On the 10th day ‘Rajadhani’ is picking up quite well in the box office catering to all the sections of the audience it is stated. On Saturday at The Bell the national award winning actress Umasri also a part of the ‘Rajadhani’ explained why one should see the film.

There is stuff for parents and children. When the parents do not give the proper attention to the grown up children the impact of it is explained in the form of five youths. Younger generation have the wants more. It is same in the film and my character is also one among them disclosed the actress of national fame actress Umasri. All the boys are good and bad in the film. The role of Yash and Ramesh Bhat is too good. Bhat has been extra special in his acting. Maklu, Hiriyaru, Padde Hudugru can watch this film ‘Rajadhani’ to construct their life. It has touched the commoners that is why the film is ‘Hit’ today informed Umasri. It has made an attempt to think. 80 percent the boys doing the job is convincing. Seniors are having only 20 percent in the film. There is not excess of commercial elements. What one can give than this kind of film says Umasri in her address.

Eminent dialogue writer and theatre artist said KV Raju, HC Venu, KM Prakash have given magic touch to the film. I have worked for three and half days and wondering where I can leave my stamp. After seeing the film I learnt exactly what I have done. Even a second presence on the screen the fortunes may change. Yash Bhavishya will be too good from this film. The main investment for this film is experience pointed Rajendra Karanth.

Yash felt immensely happy for the media identifying even the small element. The actual hero of this film is the producer stated Yash. I am satisfied for wide section of people watching it said Sathya, technicians worked hard for this film than artists felt Chetan Chandra. Actor Raviteja happy for fans creation from this film and said next film should by ‘Raju-Dhani’ Victory King as caption.

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