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Posted date: 23/June/2011

The Telugu and Tamil language film ‘180’ by expertise in the field of ad film Mr Jayender P is releasing on this 25th and it is rare for Kannada film journalists to find the film makers of non Kannada films.

What the diligent director Jayender says on his film 180:

  • It is a bilingual, romantic film with solid story with breeze in the first half and emotional in the second half. It is shot in India and USA.
  • Music has got rave reviews visuals are appealing. People are wondering whether it is really a Digital camera film. We have used two Red cameras for the film.
  • Phantom Flex technology covers 25000 frames, for every second 25 frames. It is used for the song. You can see so much happening in a moment. It is ultra slow motion.
  • According to me in three to five years all the Indian films will be shot in Digital camera. Like how the still cameras revolution is seen, it is going to happen.
  • It is treated differently- story is crux of the film it unravels in the second half. What next you guess every scene.
  • Siddarth, Priya Anand and Nitya Menon are the lead actors. Balasubramaniam is the cinematographer, Dinesh is the choreographer.
  • Jayender began Real Images in 1993 and it is spread in 27 countries. He was the soul of the company and recently CEO took over and that diverted my mind to films.
  • I have shot for 108 days under different light condition, colorist Kevin Shah come from Hollywood. I have worked for 25 years in ad films.
  • This film will be shown in Karnataka in 24 screens – Sathyam Cienmas is also marketing the film.
  • Catch ‘180’ in cinema halls from June 25th.
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