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Posted date: 25/June/2011

Scrapping ‘Rakthaksha’ – started on 23rd June, 2008, announced stopping of it on 23rd June 2011(look at the similarity –Ajay Vincent is the cameraman and Jaassie Gift scores the music for five songs. M.S.Ramesh dialogues and Ismail art direction were then and now too). ‘Rakthaksha’ is scrapped or rehashed give a doubt.

Singh Babu is waiting for ‘Bhimoos Bang Bang Kids’ to get financial crisis of Rs. 8 crores to settle by August. Now he is bouncing back with ‘Rebel’ – he says this subject is controversial and the chances of ban on the film he suspects once it comes before the censor board.

However the ‘Rebel’ the third attempt from father to son Aditya to give a powerful image ala ‘Antha’ mounted the sets at Atria Hotel in Bengaluru. It is going to create a wave says Singh Babu. This has not been touched so far. I do not want say more. The situation of becoming rebel is there in all facets of life says Singh Babu.

Singh Babu will be only creative head of the film and producer for ‘Rebel’ is Aditya and Rajesh Bhat of Mangalore a scrap businessman who was also in to Mining.

After Bandhana I took five years time to make a new kind of cinema that was ‘Mutthina Haara’ remembers Singh Babu. I am taking up an international project with Rajesh Bhat after this one. I have traveled for about a month already in USA says Singh Babu.

‘Rebel’ title is anivaraya! It is a catchy phrase says Babu. Suhasini and Sudharani have been finalized and heroine will be decided soon.

The responsibility for Aditya is huge. He is the independent producer from this film. He was keeping he title for a long time and it is a copyright Act of my family he says. The rebel image came to Ambarishji from ‘Antha’ directed by my father says Aditya. Even Rs.50 lakhs is given to me I would not transfer it to anyone.

Aditya says ‘Rebel’ is his dream project. There will be some sterling action scenes from Different Danny. This is a pukka action commercial cinema. By circumstance the protagonist becomes a ‘Rebel’.

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