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Posted date: 27/June/2011

The renowned director SVR Singh Babu sitting with Rajesh Bhat a Mangalore businessman and his son Aditya at the media briefing before the launch of ‘Rebel’ said he had traveled to USA on an international project that is over 100 crores worth.

This has created curiosity to the popular film portal of Kannada cinema. When the small assessment was made it was known that SVR Singh Babu is up to ‘Krishne Leela’ in prominent languages of the world.

SVR Singh Babu has sought the help of one the pontiffs of Veerashaiva community for this and he was given a link by that Swamiji to an American connection. It was after three visits of SVR Singh Babu the contact was made by Swamiji to Singh Babu.

SVR Singh Babu is contemplating on a television serial like Ramanand Sagar ‘Sri Ramayana’ and BR Chopra’s ‘The Mahabharath’ done in the national hookup that got international attention. Making a mega serial in Kannada Singh Babu wants to make this available to all the prominent languages of the world.

There is a strong reason for Singh Babu to take up ‘Krishna Leela’ as the subject. It was the first project of his home banner Mahatma Pictures. D. Shanker Singh father of SVR Singh Babu in association with Vittalacharya produced this film before independence.

In 1947 Mahatma Pictures in the direction of CV Raju produced ‘Krishna Leela’. Kumari Usha, Kemparaj, Ballari Lalitha, Pratima Devi (wife of Shanker Singh later on), Raghavendra Rao, Mari Rao, Kantha, Cauvery, SP Varadaraju (Dr Rajakumar brother) were in the cast of this film. ‘Krishna Leela’ was the 18th film made in Kannada filmdom and second film in the year 1947 of the four films made in that year.

D Kalinga Rao scored the music and got recognition from this film. Kanagal Prabhakara Shastry and Hunsur Krishnamurthy made debut as lyricist from this film. It is in this ‘Krishna Leela’ film Dr Rajakumar brother Varadaraju played the ‘Makaranda’ role.

With many firsts to its credit D Shanker Singh and Vittalacharya joint efforts did not bring money. D Shanker Singh confidence did not get smothered. He once again edited the film with South India’s famous editor K Subramanyam and released the film. It was somewhat good in the second release for producer D Shanker Singh.

‘Krishna Leela’ was also touched by doyen GV Iyer in the late 90’s. That was in Sanskrit GV Iyer attempted. There is one more social ‘Krishna Leele’ in Kannada produced by Rockline Venkatesh. That is starring Shivarajakumar, Suvvalakshmi and Ananthnag in the lead cast.

Let us welcome the attempt of SVR Singh Babu in making ‘Krishna Leela’. Singh Babu Family has solid history in films in the last 64 years of Kannada cinema.

Welcome move. Let it happen successfully is the wish of this popular Kannada film portal.

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