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Posted date: 29/June/2011

With a unique thought the newcomer Ghanshyam has taken up direction for his new film. It is Beet! The meet quite often of Srirampura boy the Malleswaram girl, director has evolved in the script and added screenplay in the last one year.

‘Beet’ produced by Raju a VSNL distributor in Bangalore is a Rs.1 crore budget cinema. The good looking faces – Ajith and Harshika Poonacha have sat for the story discussions and convinced that BEET will be a meeting point in the theatres for the audience.

Ghanshyam is showing rustic feel of Srirampuram and high style life in Malleswaram and he has made a taut screenplay in the last one year. Ghanshyam is an ad film maker getting into the shoes of film direction for the first time. A new costume designer Geetha has come to Kannada cinema from this film. Shakthi Prasad is scoring music and cinetech Soori is the cameraman of the film.

Actor Ajith of Patre Love Padma was happy with the one line narration. He sat with the director Ghanshyam in making the screenplay more gripping.

The beauty with brain Harshika Poonacha is playing an extrovert Malleswaram resident heroine in the film. Cinetech Soori is shooting in Srirampuram actual locations.

Kaviraj has penned a few songs and humble colleague Vijay Baramasagar has submitted a song for the film ‘Beet’ that is at the final stages of approval.

Producer Raju had the intentions of giving chance to the newcomer and he is impressed with the screenplay of the film. He is investing around Rs.80 lakhs on this film. It might be a little more added director Ghanshyam.

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