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Posted date: 13/July/2011

Who is the darling of Auto Rickshaw drivers after Shanker Nag? Not Ananthnag but N Omprakash Rao. In a chat with the media persons on Monday night Om Prakash disclosed that he is loved by 90 percent of auto drivers. All of them do not take meter charge and drop me wherever I want.

This is not a rubbish statement from Om Prakash Rao but his intention was to tell the people who love him. He has 40 percent of the people to admire. Most of the people who admire me are general public. Om Prakash Rao was not disturbed in mentioning that when he was down after an accident no one came to his rescue.
It is Shobraj who came first with financial help. Take a look at what Rao reacted to various questions.

  • Palani Raj chase and action sequence of eight minutes needed Rs.1.5 crores. For the climax we invested Rs.3.5 crores. That is around nine minutes. We have used three helicopters.
  • AK 56 Kannada film investment is Rs.13 crore
  • In four scenes I wanted acting from Siddanth. He has done well.
  • For the late I am responsible. My accident, two months bed rest, permissions all delayed.
  • The film has a political issue that is going to be not liked and may create controversy. This is an original.
  • Purulia incident and Bombay attack at the backdrop are not only issues. Mother issue is also prominent. Sumalatha Ambarish plays the role. She is confirmed that her son is not a terrorist.
  • Suchendra Prasad role is equal to hero in the film. Pratiyobba Yodha in this democratic country. No one can shake the country is the essence of this film.
  • My next will be with Aditya and Vijay in lead roles. One asking for one rupee from public and the other acing for one vote from the public. It is called ‘Leader’.
  • When I met with an accident the bill came to Rs.11 lakhs, 12 lakhs I lost from ‘Belgaum’ muhuruth.
  • When I was sick and needed money. A producer came to my house with a cover full of money to give it me. I was hoping for it but he heard that I cannot get up, lost potential of earlier etc. walked out without giving me money to book for his film.
  • That was very pathetic situation in my life.
  • Let all my enemies get good in life.
  • Money is later; at first the courage should be given. I was told not to get up for six months. I was back to Prince shooting in 50 days.
  • People do not talk good things – for bad propaganda only they spend time and money. Even if they spend 50 cups of tea they will be chatting nonsense.
  • I may not keep ‘Chandya’ subject. It is singular in north Karnataka for addressing. Even literary personalities advised me to change the title. I am not doing a film on Hantakaru. There are ‘Sadhakaru’.
  • If all my producers give me money I would become crorepathi.

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