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Lovely star Premkumar follows his colleagues in a cop role. He is on a punishment transfer in parched areas to do his duty. This is where is take on his ‘Shatru’ in his own intelligence.

Braving 48 degree temperature ‘Shatru’ team headed by JK as director the team completed 60 percent of shoot in Uttar Kannada region was done in 35 days. It has gone to the place where no one has gone so far. It is the Hooli village near Savadatti where the entire area is dry land.

We shot against the sun burn and Uttar Kannada language is used for Sharat Lohitashva role disclosed Premkumar in his address. We were surrounded by hundreds of people and they showed exemplary support. I felt as if I am in my home.

This will be a visual treat and feast for eyes. Every shot looks like Laddu on screen. Every scene of Premkumar will be like an introduction. I have put in 18 years of my experience. You would say Ahaa…what a film disclosed director JP. There are no weapons and the bell is significant in this film.

I have prepared for seven months in various aspects to look fit and worked with dedication. Without dupes I have participated in risky shots of stunt directors Jolly Bastin and Thriller Manju. You would wonder how could Prem do all these work. To reach Hooli village we used to travel 200 kilometers every day. This is going to open a new phase in my career. There is our nativity and story is different. It is not one in ten kind of film promises Premkumar.

Producer Prakash lauded the respect and dedication of actor Premkumar. He did pooja to the uniform and then started wearing it for the film. This is a total action film and I was apprehensive whether Premkumar would do it or not. Sharat Lohitashva role should get an award feels Prakash.

I am in the team that loves the job with affection. There is precise execution. Passion and love in profession is always good for the outcome. Without moustache and different costume despite of skin tan, the counter and encounters of me and Premkumar have come out well said stunning actor Sharat Lohitashva.

Arun Devasya from Malayalam films who knows Kannada is playing right hand to Sharat Lohitashva.

I want to show lovely star Premkumar throughout in lovely looks. That is happening. Throughout the film there is gold tone for this film.

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